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It's Halloween Night in Your Neighborhood

Ronda Miller

The wind picks up leaves swirls them around teens commit pranks while adults act like clowns You make chicken chili heat up spiced cider put beer in the fridge stock up on candy Carve pumpkins to look like a fright bring in the cat turn on the porch light Get ...

In a Perfect World

Ronda Miller

Friends of mine seem surprised, and certainly questioning, when they learn I'm pro life. The questions my stance, which is a life style choice not a political siding, garner include the standard ones. I'm asked why I feel it's okay to tell someone else what they have to do with ...

Kansas Authors Club state contest winners

Ronda Miller

Writers throughout the state of Kansas converged in Salina this past weekend for the yearly Kansas Authors Club convention and presentation of awards. The convention was hosted by District Four under the leadership of President William Karnowski. Key note speaker was Caryn Mirriam Goldberg. Goldberg is state of Kansas Poet ...

Where is your common sense in judging tax payers?

Ronda Miller

Oprah earned $222,000,000 last year. She likely paid a lower percentage in taxes than you or I did. Do you hate her for being intelligent enough to become wealthy and give mega money to the charities of her choice (many of them are outside the United States) rather than the ...

Area poet Timothy Pettet finds more than BBQ at Linwood fundraiser

Ronda Miller

Poet Timothy Pettet, Kansas City, Missouri, is drawn to the prairie, small towns (think Cottonwood Falls and Linwood, Ks), their cemeteries and their history. Pettet, who is in the process of finalizing an Opera entitled Mona and Zero, made his way to a cemetery outside Linwood today to research the ...

Mike Finnigan (Phantom Blues Band) and Monophonics: a must see, The Bottleneck @ 8 pm tonight

Ronda Miller

If you've lived in Lawrence for any length of time, you've heard the stuff legends are made from. Amazing keyboardist, song writer and vocalist Mike Finnigan (he originally landed in Lawrence to attend KU on a basketball scholarship) makes it big. Ok, make that huge! Back in the day, we ...

We have a winner for Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg's The Divorce Girl: a story of art and soul

Ronda Miller

We had 25 entries from fifteen different contestants in The Divorce Girl giveaway. The Divorce Girl: a story of art and soul is Kansas State Poet Laureate's latest book which has been released as of July 7th by Ice Cube Press. Goldberg has scheduled readings from July 7th, 2012 through ...

What you've recently done to deserve a round of applause

Ronda Miller

I was zipping back across town early this morning when I noticed a gentleman with a long tool changing gas price numbers on the sign at Westside 66 to a lower number. My first thought was that if I had not been driving, I'd have given him a round of ...

GIVEAWAY!!! Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg's novel 'The Divorce Girl: A Story of Art and Soul' free book GIVEAWAY!!!

Ronda Miller

No, I'm not giving away the book's entire plot, but if you leave a comment, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a copy of State of Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg's soon to be released novel, 'The Divorce Girl: A Story of Art and Soul'. I was fortunate ...

When was the last time you experienced a bait and switch?

Ronda Miller

It had been decades since I'd seen Bill Lynch play. I'd stopped going to dances and local performances once I had children and only recently did I fall back in with the 'in' crowd who enjoy meeting and dancing our caloric needs and weekend nights away. I was excited this ...

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