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"Art After Words" Premier - Abstract Artist Jennifer Rivera - SouthWind Gallery - Friday from 6 - 8


When forty-two year old abstract artist Jennifer Rivera put out a call for poetry last year, she wasn't disappointed. With over two hundred submissions, she had more inspiration than she needed.

Rivera, who was named in KC Magazine's Top 5 Best Visual Artists of KC for both 2010 and 2011, says, "....there is a freedom in abstract art that doesn't exist in many other art forms...a marriage between the artist's freedom of expression and the viewer's interpretations." That's a whole lot of marriages, Jennifer!

Self taught artist and mother of three, Rivera is making a splash in the world of abstract art. When asked how a poem is chosen, Rivera states that although she can't pinpoint why one poem may inspire her more than another, she chooses poems that illicit emotions of sadness, anger or joy. She says a poem may even remind her of a specific time or place in her life.

"As an abstract artist, I tend to paint from an emotional place." Rivera says she tries not to visualize the end result as it hampers the process.

Rivera narrowed her selection to twenty-two individual poets, poems and paintings. How many words does it take to inspire Rivera? Poet Richard Twillman's untitled poem is the shortest at a mere thirty words, while Kevin Rabas', "For the Estranged" is the longest of the chosen poems with 214 words.

While many poets plan to attend this evening's premier (SouthWind Gallery, 3074 SW 29th, Topeka, Kansas, 6 - 8 p.m.) there is a VIP reading of the poems by the poets planned for Wednesday, March 14th, from 6:00 - 7:30.

Poets who had poems chosen include: Tom Averill, Dennis Etzel Jr., Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Mary Stone Dockery, Steve Brisendine, Aaron James McNally, Kevin Rabas, Richard Twillman, Nikki Allen, Tim Pettet, Isreal Wasserstein, Al Ortolani, Maria Vasquez, Donna Potts, Elizabeth Dodd, Holly Bonasera, Ronda Miller, Matthew Porubsky, Stephanie Barrows, DaMaris Hill, Danielle Smith, Catherine Malcolm Ellsworth, Maria Vasquez Boyd.

Rivera's art will remain at SouthWind Gallery through March. This is her second poetry inspired series. Last year, she did a similar project in the KC Crossroads Art District. To read more about the artist and view her art, check out her website: www.wix.com/artistjennifer/rivera

For additional information about tonight's premier showing and the SouthWind Gallery, contact Gary Blitsch at 785-273-5994.

Where does one hang such an inspirational piece of art work? I'm thinking the Governor's Mansion.......


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