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April Is National Poetry Month - a challenge awaits


With so many differing poetic forms to choose from, it can be intimidating to decide which form best suits your writing style. Don't be afraid to experiment. Poetry is lyric with its creators voice as instrument. And, your poem is only as profound as the person reading it.

Examine the different poetic styles - topics are your design - so choose a rhymed verse, whimsey, free verse or Haiku, just to 'thine own self be true".

Challenge for today: write a poem with each line beginning with the same letter.



Loose loess lifts

Sifts sways swept

Weathered wind water

God's gifts guaranteed


Ronda Miller 3 years ago

Onions outofdoors, Growing, grasping, grown Holding hordes Colds, children, casseroles Tasting Delightfully delicious, delicate Soups, stir fry and stews!


Ronda Miller 3 years ago

Weekend weather, wild, wicked, windy Monday more mundane, milder Hoping hot happens here - happy!


camper 3 years ago

Hollis has hunted Camper can contrive Ronda and Jay can Rhyme


Jay_lo 3 years ago

Poe purists posturize Poetic potential practiced Poems produced Playful perhaps Plaintive possibly Pleasantly prodding Personal perceptions Powerful, precious Poetry


Jay_lo 3 years ago

April Arrives

Wacky Woman

Challenges Cohorts

Witty Writers

Readily Reply

Poetry Pulses

Inspired Ideas

Fragments Formed

Suddenly Shaped

As Assigned

Evaluate Efforts?


Jay_lo 3 years ago

Ronda really

Justifies Justbegintowrite

Flitting fingers flow fine

Wise wonderful words written

Instant, internal inflection

Relax, read, reflect, refresh

Sends spirit soaring

Thanks time taking

Making memories

For future fulfillment

Poetry pleasure personified

Go girl


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