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Lawrence Arts Center's Film Intensive Workshop - Friday and Saturday Nights: "Mariachi Estrella" and "The Only Good Indian"


It's nice to be reminded how fortunate we are living in Lawrence, Kansas. Not that I tend to forget all the wonderful things about our community - well, except maybe after a long, brutal winter and I'm vacationing in Florida at the time.

One of the coolest things about our city is that there is always something going on. There's always something I want to see, do, or participate in. Most of the time it isn't a matter of what to do, but rather which function takes precedence over all the other choices.

Tonight is an easy choice for me though. "Mariachi Estrella" - the documentary about the first all female mariachi band, who also lost four members in the 1981 Hyatt Regency Hotel disaster - and "The Only Good Indian " are both playing Friday and Saturday evenings at the Lawrence Art's Center as part of their Intensive Workshop for Film. The cost is $8.50 for both films and $5.50 for the documentary only. Showtime starts at seven p.m.

Rain or shine, I'll be there. I look forward to discussing both films tomorrow and Sunday with the rest of you who attend the event.

It's even more exciting for me since Marlo Angell, a member of our Citizen Journalism Class three years ago, had a major part in putting "Mariachi Estrella" together. Congratulations to Marlo - I did forget to ask one thing though; do they sell popcorn at The Lawrence Arts Center?


Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Still no response about the popcorn........

schula 8 years ago

Maybe we can make our own and take it with us?

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Not likely, but I think we'll be full by the time we get there.

Has anyone seen either movie before?

Marlo Angell 8 years ago

Also wanted to add Friday night's screening will include the award winning short films from the LAC Short Film Festival, "Misfortune Smiles" and "Never Trust a Yeti."

Saturday night's screening will have live mariachi music before the films.

And the film intensive workshops going on all day Saturday are going to be awesome! Filmmakers from all levels will get to come together and work on their craft, network and share ideas. LAC is really starting to be the hub of the Lawrence indie film scene.

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Marlo, thanks for taking the time out of what is presently an incredibly busy time for you to give us information about important things - such as the availability of popcorn. :)

I'm thrillled to have the opportunity to watch both films, finally. I've tried before to view them so to have them at the same venue with additional shorts is exciting.

We'll have plenty of questions for you over the next couple of days and I'm sure you have many interesting items of interest to share.

I hope readers will feel free to leave questions for Marlo as well as the other directors.

schula 8 years ago

Had a great time at the event last night. I had never heard of the Mariachi Estrella -- it was a good film and told a lot about how they got started and their tragic end.

The Wes Studi movie, The Only Good Indian, is something everyone should see. It is horrible the way the United States treated the Native Americans by taking their children away from them and forcing them to go to school and learn our ways. It really left quite the impression on me.

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

I agree, schula.

The documentary was remarkable in showing how close the women had become, what their struggles during that time period of their lives were due to having young children, being the first all women performers of this type, and their heritage. They came through as spirited, talented, family oriented women who really enjoyed performing and gave their all.

The Only Good Indian was surprising to me in many respects. I thought I had a clear idea of what Native American history has been so I was shocked to learn they have never been given a formal apology or payments for their hardship. I'm aware of things that were done not mentioned in the movie as well. Horrific atrocities. I would hope that anyone who has an interest in our true American culture see it.

The other shorts were worth seeing too! More about those later!

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

That's strange. I switched my avatar but I'm seeing a mix of old and new.

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