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Lawrence Sound Event - July 3rd: Support for Community Shelter and Lots of Fun!


Local artist Stan Herd and son Evan Herd will be hosting a pre 4th of July party Saturday evening from five to midnight and you're invited. Only one problem, it's so large they're holding it at Abe and Jake's Landing - 8 E 6th St.

The event, which is from five to midnight, July 3rd, (tickets are five dollars - with one dollar from each ticket going to the Lawrence Community Shelter) will showcase a multitude of area bands including: Michael Paull - Big Stack Daddy, Frut Snaxx, Forest of Luxury, Yeti Speak, Atomic Blues, Quiet Corral, Katlyn Conroy, Yes 'ir, Rachel Black, and Elevator Action.

It sounds like there will be something for everyone! So my question: (since I'll be helping with tickets and juice bar) which bands should I be sure to catch? Remember, my tastes run the gamut from Beatles, blues and I love the poetry of rap music.

So, if any of the reading audience has any positive words about the bands, now is your chance to speak up! I hope to see you there - the event will be hotter than an exploding fire cracker, so beware!


Ronda Miller 7 years ago

Here is a link to Yeti Speaks with the option to listen to four of their songs. And I have caught them live!


Ronda Miller 7 years ago

Big Stack Daddy - terrific voices. I'll be checking this band out!

"Slippin Away"


Ronda Miller 7 years ago

If you're not familiar with Stan Herd's latest work, check out the following. Incredible!

schula 7 years ago

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to stop in and give everyone the afternoon off. Have a great weekend!

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