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Behind The Scenes With Cindy Self: "Me, My Self, and I"


One of the reasons I wanted to interview Cindy Self was because it was obvious after having met her, working with her at Booster Club events, and watching basketball and football games together while our daughters cheered for Free State High School (2006), that Cindy is worthy of mention for what she does for the KU basketball team, our community, and her role as a mother.

Cindy Self is petite, pretty, friendly, and a hard worker. She is filled with an energy and a vibrancy that is contagious to those lucky enough to come in contact with her. She is also unassuming, self depreciating, and doesn't much care for the lime light - even though being married to Bill Self keeps throwing her into it. (During the basketball game, when she became aware that she was being photographed by a LJW photographer, she blushed and seemed embarrassed)

As I interviewed Cindy over a period of a couple of weeks, and attended the KU/Eastern Washington basketball game with her, I felt that I had a good idea about the things that are important to her. She is a dedicated wife and mother, a caring community member, and truly one of KU basketball's biggest fans. She is also independent and self assured.

It is important to both Bill and Cindy to leave the community they live in a better place, and they hope to do that with their ASSISTS Foundation. www.assistyouth.orgI was impressed with how protective the Selfs are with their own children and the KU basketball players.

When I asked Cindy if I could get a couple of names of players who knew her well, to ask them a few questions about her, she said that Bill preferred I not do that since they were in the middle of finals and stressed. As a mother of a son, who is a sophomore at KU and was also undergoing finals, I completely understood.

She spoke at great length about the importance of the other coaches wives and family members, as well as the basketball players' families, to the lives of herself and her own family. It was obvious that those same people feel a strong affinity towards her. They have become more then friends, they have become family in a tightly knit, sub- group that few people have the chance to experience or appreciate. They travel together, celebrate together, spend sleepless nights worrying about each other, and maintain relationships long after they may have moved to another city, state, or career.

Bill Self's comments about Cindy:

"If there was such a thing as a perfect coache's wife, Cindy would be her. She is unselfish of my time, she is independent but always there to focus on the team and our family.

She loves to be behind the scenes and doesn't want to be the one getting any attention.Cindy brings a lot of things to the team. First of all, she is a fan.

She helps us all out by providing the guys support and adding a motherly touch. She is supportive of my time constraints, the boys homesickness, and she is sensitive to other aspects of their lives. She is a great sounding board for me. She is able to read my body language as well as a team players' body language which is helpful for something I might be missing.

One of the most important roles Cindy provides for the boys is that she is a constant in their lives. You can't take the place of someone's mother, but she doesn't change, she is there for all of us.

"ASSISTS Foundation is a foundation started by the Self family, approximately thirteen months ago, with the goal of raising one million dollars yearly to help area youth. Bill Self states that the vision of the foundation is "to promote wellness with our youth, and in particular with obesity and diabetes.

"My biggest hope with the article, "Me, My Self, and I" was to give the Lawrence community a sense of how real, down to earth, and likable Cindy is. By the way, I really enjoyed attending the game and I just might go again sometime.


SofaKing 10 years ago

"Self-depreciating" is an eggcorn.


"Self-deprecating" I believe is the correct word.

I liked the play on words - self-assured, self-deprecating, unselfish.

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