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Milk and Honey For Everyone! (Unless you disagree with me.)


In listening to Obama's acceptance speech at "Mile High Acropolis", and the coorination of the "Saviour and Messiah" of the modern age, I witness a level of political gullibility I have never seen before. The long laundry list of political giveaways to "buy" his presidency, and nobody blinked at the price tag. Milk and Honey for everyone is the rally cry, because in their mind any political re-alignment without Bush would be the land of milk and honey.But those are not the "promises", I am concerned about, it was his "Change" as applied to "doing things differently" in Washington. Having a mor "civil tone", and not participating in the "politics of personal destruction". Obama was supposed to be the golden child of change, staying aboue the fray in his Ivory tower.However the reality is that politics is a nasty, dirty business. Something Obama wanted to change, something his supporters wanted changed. They wanted to claim the "moral high ground" of being "about the issues" and not about political minutia.That has not happened. His supporters are worse than ever with their sexist responses and hypotheticals of McCain dying. Sure the VP from Alaska is a woman, but the Obama followers calling her a "five time baby popper" and worse is not the "moral high ground", I expect in this "enlightened crowd".There is more discussion all of a sudden about "experience", of the VP nomination. How can this be, when confronted with the "experience issue" before the nomination, the MSM and the Obama-nuts just ignore the fact the Presidential cnadidate has only worked 143 days in National Office, and has ZERO executive experience. In acuality, the GOP VP pick is more experienced than the DNC Presidential pick.However the DailyKos, MoveOn, HuffingtonPost, and this blog let lefties go unchallanged in their misinformation campaign.Look long before slinging mud, as your guy has much if not more "corruption", "bad judgements", and lack of experience than the VP for the GOP.This group of Obama supporters would howl with outrage when Michelle Obama made her stupid statment of the first time being proud of being an American, but this same group in supreme hypocriscy and delusion, misrepresents the record of Palin, and I have seen a level of sexism that is undeniable and justified by the Obama supporters.If even one post from a GOP supporter talked about Obam's limitations in anyway however it is termed racism, and even the MSM is making unfounded statments that if Obama is not elected, it means that America is Still a racist country.The land of milk and honey supported by this level of delusion is not a place I want America to become, and the left needs to get ahold of itself. There is a mountian of women getting very disenfranchised by the Obama campaign every time Palin is attacked in a sexist and dishonest manner.Continue down this path please, because in doing so you wil guarantee a McCain victory.


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