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Anyone See the New Hampshire Debates?


Mitt Romney is probably my least favorite candidate for president this year. But even I had to feel sorry for the guy when he was used as a virtual punching bag by the other Republican candidates in New Hampshire last night. Even John McCain was cracking up at the one liners he delivered at Romney's expense. (My personal favorite was when he referred to Mitt's knack for flip flopping by calling him a "real candidate for change"). There was buzz on the cable news shows about Fred Thompson's performance, but I can't say I was blown away. I thought Ron Paul had some interesting points about the economy and wished he had more time to go into further detail. Overall, I thought McCain handled the attack on his immigration stance pretty well. This is one of the areas most Republicans differ with him, but I have to say it's one of the things that make me like the guy.On the democratic side, Hillary had the most to prove after coming in third place in Iowa. Unfortunately, although she did have some good points on foriegn policy, she was the first to attack and then quickly assumed the defensive. Edwards allied himself with Obama on the whole change notion, and when Clinton snapped back to defend herself she came off as a bit too angry. Okay, maybe it wasn't quite a Howard Dean moment, but it was close enough.I can't say Obama was as inspiring in this debate as he was in his speech following his win in Iowa, but at least he didn't make any bad moves. Edwards was on fire about his personal mission for attacking corporations, and his alliance with Obama seemed to hint at a possible President-VP pairing that would be pretty powerful. What did you think about these latest discussions on the future of our country?


Centerville 10 years, 5 months ago

The Republicans actually debated policy points, the Democrats just told us what they intended to make us do.

David Lignell 10 years, 5 months ago

Sorry, Marlo, I didn't watch the debates. I usually wait until after each party has selected its nominee. I know it's not the most intelligent approach, but it does save time.

Ronda Miller 10 years, 5 months ago

See if I ever discuss politics again. I am not going there!

Great post though!

bilabila 10 years, 5 months ago

I did have the chance to watch the debates. I will be honest and say there may have been a bit of muting during the Republican portion. Maybe it is because it was less entertaining. However, when they all started arguing about immigration/asylum views I did pay closer attention. I have to say that was surprised to see Rudy show up after his lame excuses for why he came in 6th in Iowa. After all he said he wasn't seriously chasing the candidacy so why bother to show up? However, when it came to the Democrats there was lots of drama. Felt like I could have been watching a soap, which isn't what I was looking for. The bottom line is that every election we get a bunch of candidates making promises but DC is resistant to change. I am looking for a candidate that can offer me a realistic change and not something that the rest of DC will be fighting him/her on. I have to say that 8 years was enough Clinton for me. I don't despise him....but Hilary seems to be the biggest shark in that bunch. I am ready for someone that is going to have fresh view of what this office has to offer the American people. I would gladly give my vote to a Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama ticket. I will say that before I make my decision certain I will listen to all issues and see what really works for me. I can't say for sure that I would not vote for a Clinton or Richardson ticket....because if that is what is on the ballot in November....I don't want to have to eat my words because my vote will not be for a wall up down south and I don't see any Republican ticket that is pleasing to me.

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