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Crush on Obama


I wanted to like Hillary, really I did. I was rooting for her in much the same way as I root for womenfilmmakers. I go out of my way to see even the most mediocre sounding premises and manage to overlook theoccasional bad dialogue and unimaginative camera workin the interest of women directorship. But unless I am in a really "you go-girl" kindof mood, even I must admit it is just not justifiableto like most of these movies. Or, in this case, this candidate.Hillary is in a difficult position, I'll give herthat. A woman president would be hard to take for somepeople. Heck, my old school cinematography professordidn't know what to think of me as a female Directorof Photography. But a chick Commander in Chief? I canonly imagine the fun he'd have with that one.So, understandably, Clinton is trying very hard not toappear soft or give any indication that her womanhoodwould affect her leadership. But as a result ofdistancing herself from her estrogen, Hilary ismissing one of the things that our sex is know for passion! And this is one thing Senator Barack Obama has goingfor him. I was cruising around in a rental car that had XMradio during the time of the Jefferson Jackson dinnersand got to hear all the candidates back to back. (Sidenote- XM station POTUS 08 is one of the coolestthings ever- I lived in LA for eight years and alwayshated the traffic, but that week with POTUS, I didn'tmind it a bit.) I was still in that "maybe Hillary"mode when Obama put in his two cents and that's when I wouldn't be voting for a woman this time. I was actually moved by a political speech and I didn't see it on the History Channel.I know that voting decisions are supposed to be blindto issues like gender and color, but the idea of ayoung girl seeing a female president get inauguratedprobably biased my first look at these democraticcandidates.But in the end, you have to go with your heart. And ifObama is elected, he will also be an inspiration to manychildren for years to come. There's a handful of promising women directorsemerging lately (like Kimberly Pierce and PattiJenkins, to name a few), so it's only a matter of timebefore we get our first female president. Hopefully,she's one worth caring about.


kansascrone 10 years, 6 months ago

I agree Obama is wonderful. Heck, I would even be happy with Rudy after W. It's hard to imagine that any of the '08 candidates wouldn't be a better president.

Any woman who runs in this election or in any election in our lifetime will likely have to do the same balancing act as Hillary and therefore come off as less than passionate.

I say it's past time we give a woman a chance to lead our country in a different direction. We have nothing to lose and potentially, much to gain.

David Lignell 10 years, 6 months ago

Hi Marlo,

I wish I had something profound to add to your post, but I'm one of many who have not paid much attention to the candidates yet. So far my fantasy is to have an Obama-Clinton pairing for the Democratic nomination. As Virginia noted, it's past time we look beyond our biases and base our nominations on credentials -- not gender or race.

antney 10 years, 6 months ago

My wife and I stood in awe as we watched Sen. Obama's speech during the 2004 DNC. We weren't even political junkies and just happened to turn on the TV that night. We turned to each other and said, "this guy should be running for President." Obama hasn't had that kind of impact on a crowd until the JJ Dinner in Iowa this year. This time, we said this guy needs to be President. Since the JJ Dinner, he's been gaining momentum in the polls. I recently went on his website and watched a few Barrack TV videos. The one with the Iraq war vet was very moving. The Women for Obama was ver touchy feely. The best one though was the Q & A session with Google employees. He was in room with a buch of brainiacs who asked tough questions but was cool as a cucumber. There will be a woman president in America. It just won't be Hillary in 2008. Perhaps Sebelius in 2016.

kneejerkreaction 10 years, 6 months ago

Obama is smoke and no roast. He has no substance. Any thinking individual can easily see that. Beware of being influenced by gospelesque speeches.

He strives to "work things out" and sees both sides of issues. He would be eaten alive by single minded and tough world leaders.

You want to get excited about a candidate, talk Colin Powell into running. Powell has the political as well as military expertise to make an insightful president.

Think of it.....Colin Powell vs Barack Obama....kiind of becomes a joke, doesn't it?

Ronda Miller 10 years, 6 months ago

I am with you kneejerk, I have thought that someone with Powell's experience would be a perfect fit. Reminds me of the way our Presidents from the past made their way - making their way up the ranks.

As far as democrats go, Clinton is both passionate about where she came from and how she knows she will be a damn fine president - hopefully this coming year.

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