Angell at My Table

A Gift from the Holiday Shop

Marlo Angell

Black Friday... Holiday toy catalogues as thick as bibles... weekly Toys R Us emails and commercials telling kids to want, want, want and parents to buy, buy, buy. It’s hard not to have a Charlie Brown moment or two by the time the first snow falls. Every year I do ...

Children's Tea Time

Marlo Angell

When I asked my sons if they wanted to go to a tea party at Border's this Saturday, they enthusiastically said, "yes!" It did not cross my mind they would be the only boys there. Okay, so even if it had, it wouldn't have stopped me. I've taken those little ...

Election Day Freebies

Marlo Angell

Sure, I could have done advanced voting. I've only been decided on my candidate since early in the primaries, but, hey, there's a certain magic about going into that booth on election day. You have a direct connection to the day's events, you can correlate your voting with the kids ...

Halloween Preschool Style

Marlo Angell

As I watched my son and his classmates celebrate Halloween at the Lawrence Arts Center Preschool today, I realized that 4 years old may be the perfect age to enjoy this holiday to its fullest. There is a certain blurring of reality and make-believe with this age group that makes ...

Raising my own Alex P. Keaton

Marlo Angell

When I took my four year-old to the democratic primary, he voiced his support, literally, for John McCain. At the time I chalked it up to his desire for attention (he sure did get a lot of head turns), but now I'm not so sure. He may in fact be ...


Marlo Angell

Well, he did it! Senator Obama stayed away from the rhetoric last night and got down to the issues. He started off with firm attacks against opponent John McCain and continued to detail the action he would take in Washington.Okay, so, maybe the greek temple thing was a bit much, ...

Colony Collapse at the Natural History Museum

Marlo Angell

Anyone checking out the dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum this afternoon was treated to a rock concert by local band Colony Collapse. Okay, so maybe my oldest son plugged his ears when we approached the music taking place in front of the animal dioramas, but, hey, the kid's ...

Rockin' Movie Soundtracks

Marlo Angell

When it came time to do the soundtrack for my feature film, I wanted to try something a little different than a traditional score. Through the help of my cousin, I connected with an indie band called Saxon Shore. Well, now that we are almost done with the mix, I ...

Afraid of Fireworks

Marlo Angell

When I took my few month old son out on the 4th of July, he must have thought the world was coming to an end. His eyes glazed with wonder at the pretty lights, then quickly overcame with fear as he heard the sonic boom that followed. For the next ...

Remembering Sydney Pollack

Marlo Angell

I'm taking a moment from my the sound mix of my film here in Fredonia, New York to reflect on the loss of a great director. Sydney Pollack died today of cancer and iit makes me sad to think there won't be any new films of his to look forward ...

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