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I mourn the loss of the newspaper. The paper that you can hold in your hands, smell, spread out on the floor on a Sunday morning. I shudder to think that a day will come when no newspaper will arrive on my doorstep.

I won’t just miss the black smudges on my fingers – I will miss the daily package of important and varied information presented to me everyday to keep me in the know.

One of the most important functions of a newspaper is to use discretion in choosing which stories to run. The paper can’t possibly print every piece of news, thus an editor must decide what information is most important to get out to the public. When we receive our papers, we are (ideally) presented with top stories that a team of media experts have chosen for us.

While flipping through a newspaper, I come across fascinating stories I wouldn’t even have known to look for on my hyperspecific go-to sites online. The Pew Research Center found that more online news consumers said they access news sites indirectly – by following links to specific stories – than by going directly to the home pages of news organizations.

With a physical newspaper, a person going in for the sports page must first get past the front page. Unfortunately it’s all too easy to miss things on the internet.


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