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A Major Cyber Attack... And Memories Of Days Gone By...


Does the Internet seem a bit slower today? Don't be surprised--we're in the middle of a war, after all. There's a cyber war, a gang war, of sorts, going on, and we're in the crossfire. According to the BBC, the main combatants are Spamhaus, a group that claims to fight spam on the internet... and Cyberbunker, a Dutch hosting company that says it will host anything except child porn and terrorism-related materials.

"Spamhaus"... "Spamhaus"... Why does that name sound so familiar?

Oh yeah!!

Interesting that "suddenly" both Spamhaus and several of the spam Blocklist sites are all under a large-scale and sustained DDOS attack. Probably the same one that Nick Danger was threatening to undertake (with help from others.) Could this be "the treatment" he had in mind?... A reader posted in a comment on my previous posting that Nick Danger ... is now being lambasted by his fellow comment-posters on ljworld.com.

He walks again by night!


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