Age of Reason

In The Car In Lawrence

Rex Russell

We all do it. Stuff we shouldn't do while we drive. Some of it dangerous. Some of it weird. Some of disgusting. Some things just make you stare at them wondering what they were thinking. What have you seen around town that made you scratch your head

In the Car in Lawrence

Rex Russell

We all do it. Stuff we shouldn't do while driving. Some of it dangerous, some of it funny. Some things that make you stare at someone like they have lost their minds. Leave you favorite observation here.

We were let down by Journalists,too.

Rex Russell

It is dismaying to realize that there really isn't any investigative journalism done anymore. No one with the mindset of protecting the public against graft, corruption, fraud, etc. Whether it comes from business or goverment, you just don't see much of it anymore. My guess is that when the news ...

What's The Point, Really? There is no Trust.

Rex Russell

Much has been said recently about the stock market and the collapse of Wall Street. Quite a bit of the blame for it's demise has been laid at the feet of the new Administration. I would agree but for a much different reason. A lot of the conservative talking heads ...

Would it change your opinion ?

Rex Russell

If it were possible to comb through the past capital punishment cases in the U S, a find a case where it could be proven (possibly DNA testing) that an executed person was in fact innocent. Would that change your views on the subject of the value of capital punishment ...

Where does the GOP go from here ?

Rex Russell

Returning to being the bastions of fiscal responsibilty is first and foremost. Co-opting good Democratic ideas like affordable college education, which is good for the business sector. There has to be a rebirth of the party or it will wither. Subtracting the Dixiecrat Republicans would be a spectacular first move.

New Sec. of Defence in 2009

Rex Russell

Who would you like to see as the new Sec. of Defence ? Colin Powel ? Chuck Hagel ? John McCain ?Robert Gates ? Give your opinion here.

Where do we go from here ?

Rex Russell

The election is over and the euphoria has settled down to a lull of reality. We find ourselves as a nation in a deep hole. Dug there by a previous, bellacose Administration, a rubberstamp Republican Congress for six years with no fiscal restraint or checks and balances. And a Democratic ...

Nice guys (gals) can finish first

Rex Russell

It was refreshing to see Marci Francisco prevail over Scott Morgan. It was the local race that brought the biggest smile. Not a Democrat won over a Republican or visa versa. It brought me a little hope that nasty campaigning doesn't always win. I watched a debate with her and ...

Rumor Has It.......

Rex Russell

There is a rumor going around the web that McCain picked Sarah Palin to actually fracture the party. I wish I could remember the site. The gist of it is that McCain figured that he couldn't win and didn't want it to be all for naught. This would be his ...


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