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Mitt Romney and "Bronco Bamma" make a little girl cry, and a few other election-related videos


You think you're tired of the campaign? Did it bring you to tears, and have your distress broadcast worldwide like this four-year-old Colorado girl named Abigael? Young Abigael is fed up with electioneering, and doesn't want to hear anything more about Mitt Romney - or his opponent, "Bronco Bamma."

NPR has the story.

PBS Newshour has unearthed a five-minute-long campaign ad from Gerald Ford's 1976 campaign. It was scrapped, for fear it would be too shocking to voters.

In the ad, Ford - after a long prelude - gives a speech with language that's pretty poignant: "Trust is not cleverly shading words so that each separate audience can hear what it wants to here, but saying plainly and simply what you mean and meaning what you say.

"Trust is not having to guess what a candidate means -"

A cherry bomb explodes nearby, and Ford, who survived two earlier assassination attempts, flinches.

He goes on: "It's not enough to say 'trust me.' Trust must be earned. Check out the video and read PBS' analysis of how it could have swung the election back to Ford.

In the following scenes, we see Ford parading through Dallas in a motorcade similar to John Kennedy's fatal caravan of 1963. "Neither the cherry bombs of a misguided prankster nor all the memories of recent years can keep people and their President apart," says the narrator. "When a limousine can parade openly through the streets of Dallas, there's a change that's come over America." Ford's team hoped the commercial would show that their man had closed down the bad years that led from JFK's assassination to Vietnam and Watergate. But when pollster Bob Teeter showed the commercial to a secret focus group, he discovered that "it was shocking to them..."

Want to get to know the real candidates? Frontline created a compelling documentary looking at the lives of Obama and Romney, from childhood to today.

And if you have some more time, Frontline also did a really interesting piece on the Super PACs that have had a huge financial impact on this election.


riverdrifter 5 years, 2 months ago

Ty Hardin: The Clint Eastwood that never was.

deec 5 years, 2 months ago

Instead of filming this sad child, the adult should have been hugging her.

riverdrifter 5 years, 2 months ago

Give the kid a free puppy and latte and send her home.

beatrice 5 years, 2 months ago

That first video is about parents who obviously allow their child to watch too much television. How else would this child know anything about "Bronco" and Mitt?

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