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Customer service seems to be getting worse in Lawrence. It amazes me how something so simple and free to do is so overlooked. Almost every place you go in Lawrence you have to put up with poor service. In restaurants you usually have a waiter/waitress who doesnt care to be prompt. If there is interaction it usually is very little. Its get you in and get you out. In retail stores like Dillions and Walmart for example, you have a line of people waiting to check out with usually 2 to three registers open out of 8 or so registers. You would think with all the cameras they would notice that people have been standing in line for 10+ minutes and get help to the registers. Its very frustrating to stand there and see employees standing there doing nothing while your waiting to check out. Dillions is the worst. Hey, but they have people there to greet you though. Thats funny too. I walked into Dillions on 23rd street and their greeter was standing there clipping their fingernails. Its was disgusting. I suggest that employers spend a little time teaching their employees about customer service. Its so simple to do and free. A business that can provide good service to their customers is way ahead of the rest. Too bad Lawrence as a whole falls far behind in this.


twoleftfeet 9 years, 5 months ago

I totally agree. I never saw such crappy customer service until I came here.

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