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Thanks for firing my pregnant wife before christmas.

To My Wife's Former Employer:Congrats on starting your new sucessful business. When you told my wife that her nice corporate job would be terminated and she would be working for you now because you decided to buy out that part of the franchise we were happy for you. She now gets to work for an individual instead of a corporation and maybe any issues will be resolved quicker because now we're all a small happy company. When you told her that she wouldn't receive a paycheck for a month because that's how your pay structure was gonna work we were a bit skeptical, but we stood by you because you're gonna make us all sucessful.When my wife who was 7 months pregnant found out you wouldn't honor her accrued 6 weeks of maternity leave that we had so greatly anticipated we were disappointed, but still stood by you.When we burnt through our meager savings (we're both in our early 20's and college students as well so $2300 was all we had saved) we thought well it's ok, it's for the greater good.When your first paycheck didn't get direct deposited, we figured, "alright, he's just working out a few kinks"When your second and third paychecks didn't go through, we figured "i hope he figures this out soon"When my vehicle was repossesed for being 18 days in default, i was very upset, but my wife assured me that you would make her successful and we can get another car some day.When it was pay day and we had planned on going out for our anniversary and saw your paycheck hadn't been deposited, i started to lose hope.When my two year old son needed diapers and food and i had to pawn my TV and Guitar , i told myself posesssions are insignificant in comparison to my amazing little boy.When halloween came around and i almost didn't get to take my little boy trick or treating because i could not afford a costume i started to become angry.When Thanksgiving came and we did not have the money to go see our family in Wichita, i prayed that this will all be resolved soon.When we our beautiful baby girl was born at the end of November i thought , this will get better, because we have a new life to support.When your paychecks weren't for the full amount and we did the unthinkable and used YOUR company's credit card to buy diapers and some food for our children because you were not capable of paying my wife on time i knew i had committed a wrong but our children needed it.When you fired my wife 3 weeks before Christmas i cried because i felt hopeless.I am grateful my children are too young to remember the year they wont have much under the tree because you are not capable of running a business that oversees 88 fast food chain restaurants. And while you can afford to live in your beautiful house, drive your fancy Acura TL, and pay for your wife to be "on staff", i seriously hope your children have a wonderful and bountiful christmas because no child should deserve to not know the joys of Christmas. I just want you to know we'll be alright because we're almost done with college, our credit wont show that repo for ever, and we are resourceful and most of all we love our children enough to make sure that next year....Christmas will be like it should.And there wont be much in the way of gifts this year, there will always be alot of love.Merry Christmas from my family , M, H, G, and baby