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Its thursday January 28th 8:41pm.

I'm hungry. For compassion.

The Cheyanne River Tribe in South Dakota has been declared a state of emergency due to the subzero temperatures and snow storms since november right up until tonight. It is the poorest community in the U.S. and now it is without any means of electricity, heat and drinking water.

And there is more snow on the way tomorrow.

Celebrities are tripping themselves to pour efforts into Haiti, while america's indigenous people are freezing to death right now.

I have no money. I have no means of bringing them what they may need to survive.

The one and only time I went to Pine Ridge was for a prayer meeting. I wasnt shocked by the destitute conditions, I was given food and a warm welcome. I wasnt disgusted or ashamed of my people, I was recognized, respected and prayed for. I had never met any of those people in my life but it felt like home. There was laughter, there was honesty, there was unity amongst old and young, it was church and warmth and happiness and everything good, all jam packed into a tiny trailor. I've never felt closer to Creator in my entire life.

I'm giving back to my people, those people tonight. And I'm vowing to not eat another meal until their conditions are addressed. Some people walk around saying, they'd die for what they believe in. And this is all I can give right now, my word. This is the only thing I can think of that might change something for these people. Its long over due.

Its scary to think about what might come of this. But I'm tired of the guilt I feel when I eat, knowing my native people are suffering. I'm tired of pretending that just because I'm not there, its not happening. I'm disheartened that so many of my brothers and sisters are in the military services, serving a country that ignores the situations on the reservations.

I have nothing to give BUT my self now. Something has got to give. Something has to spark this change.

I'm hungry. or so I thought....