Local store owner says targeting unfair

By Janet Reid · February 12, 2010 · Comment on this

The owner of local business Sacred Journey says she was unfairly targeted by state and federal agents last week. Authorities raided the shop in connection with K2.

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watchinmyback 8 years, 3 months ago

First off, I am not surprised that the government acted in such a way that makes them look even more like a$$holes. I understand that K2 is going to be illegal, I get that, but how can you confiscate something that is not yet illegal. It may be illegal tomorrow, but it is not today, so why in the hell can I not have it today if it is not illegal until tomorrow.

SECOND MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL, if it was the questionable K2 would not exist and this situation would have never arose. I smoke marijuana and I also drink alcohol, and I am here to tell all of you anti-marijuana advocates that it is ridiculous that marijuana is illegal. Seriously someone tell me why. How many college kids do you hear about pledging their fraternity and dying from an overdose of marijuana, zero. How many kids do you hear of dying each year from alcohol poisoning? I assure you that answer is not zero. Hell if you are sick and take to much Tylenol and mix it with alcohol that could be the last time you take Tylenol. I do not believe that marijuana is even a "drug" it is a flower that grows ah so natural. In my opinion drugs have a recipe. Hell alcohol has a recipe and it's legal. Marijuana is no where near as bad as the way anti-marijuana enthusiast's have labeled it. People can say that it is not safe, people will say whatever they want about it, but I will guarantee you that if you come home from work you can be comfortable in knowing that your kid won't die from "smoking weed," but they very well could from a list of legal drugs you have in your house, hell they are more likely to get into your liquor cabinet get drunk and then think that it is a good idea to take mom and dads car for a spin with there friends and never come back, rather then being stoned and maybe eating your kitchen out of food instead. You choose. Buy some groceries or a pay for a funeral.
Let's not even get started about the money the government could make off of marijuana. You can check for yourself, California has shops where it is legal to purchase marijuana with a medical card, you want to know how much they made in sales tax. I will tell you, now I am not certain if this was for 2008 or 2007, the state of California made 11 million dollars in sales tax alone off of legal marijuana sales. Sounds like some pretty good revenue off of something that is oh so terrible for you, and so bad you will go to jail if you get caught. In the meantime we will just continue to eat the safe fast food, drink soda and energy drinks that contain chemicals most of us can not even pronounce, and smoking cigarettes, all of which we all know are not safe even in moderation, but they are ok. We will just continue consuming things the government says is ok, then wash down a pill for diabetes with a coke. One more thing, how much money in sales tax would K2 have generated? May have been enough to keep all Lawrence schools open. Damn the irony.

leoNrgy 8 years, 3 months ago

It's really upsetting that I continue to read ......Sacred Journey ...BB Botanicals... blah blah... as if they were they only ones in town that sold it .....k2 has been here for awhile ..available at local smoke shops and most gas stations (yep all you had to do was ask for it) if investigators had INVESTIGATED thay would of known that ...why do Sacred Journey and J Sloan getting all the "credit" for k2 ... its crazy ....you've been able to buy "fake weed" type smoke blends for years online..yep delivered right to your door by the postman ..hello....seriously what;s up on budget cuts for our schools ??? thats way more important

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