Humane Society seeking dog adopters

By Lindsey Slater · June 18, 2009 · Comment on this

The Lawrence Humane Society has taken in a number of dogs from Hutchinson and Pratt and is looking for good homes for them.

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Orwell 9 years ago

Midge and her staff continue to work miracles, but only with solid community support. Our best friend came from the Lawrence shelter, and I hope other families can enjoy the same benefits. If you can provide a good home for a dog it'll be well worth it.

Ceallach 9 years ago

The last two dogs I've adopted were older dogs. They were/are wonderful pets. They were already house trained, tested regarding their tolerance of cats and their temperament around children. It was a win-win situation. The hard part is knowing they will not be with you for a long period of time. However, the good times you have with your older dog by far out weights the fact that they are sometimes gone too soon. Giving a dog a second-life and love in their later years is a totally rewarding experience.

kmat 9 years ago

If you can't adopt a new furry friend, the shelter is in need of supplies and monetary donations, as always. Even if all you can do is bring them a jug of bleach, it's always appreciated.

Here are two simple things most people could do to help the shelter right now, even if you're on a tight budget.

They need towels and blankets. Clean out those closets!

Aluminium cans - they use the funds from recycling cans to help people afford the cost to spay and neuter their pets. One of the best things we can do to help the shelter is to cut down the number of unwanted animals.

And they have a lot of new kittens that have been brought to them and need canned kitten and cat food to feed them.


passionatelibra 9 years ago

kmat - do they have use for sheets? I have a ton for bed sizes I no longer have. I wish I had blankets and towels I could hand over but I don't :( I have some doggie treats that I got in a freebies bag at the Mutt N Strut.

Do you know what kind of kitten food they prefer? I can usually get my hands on some really easily...

I wish I could adopt one, my lifestyle just wouldn't be nice for a dog. I'm hardly home and when I am I am usually distracted/ on a mission :(

passionatelibra 9 years ago

alm - thank you for the link! I'll check it out.

I.A.T.- Thanks for the laugh! After a day like today, I needed a good laugh.

muddfoot55 9 years ago

I also have an older dog adopted through the Humane Society. She was a mama in a puppy mill rescue. Abigail is a wonderful dog and the greatest companion. And I am her human. We had some trust issues at first but time , love and a gentle hand have brought her around. I don't know how I got along before with out her, one of the best things I have ever done. Keep up the good work!

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