21 geese were shot, officer concludes

By Mark Boyle · February 18, 2009 · Comment on this

It appears that nearly two dozen dead geese found in a creek southeast of Lawrence were shot with a shotgun.

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KS 9 years ago

Not the best way to dispose of them, but it sure beats them flying into an airplane and killing a bunch of people. If you are not going to eat them, there really doesn't seem to be much purpose for doing this.

zzgoeb 9 years ago

Such a sad display of disrespect for an amazing being...if you know anything about this, please call Kansas Parks and Wildlife to report the culprits. As for KS's comment, since when are these beings any less important than humans? They were on this continent long before Europeans, and assuredly pleased the maker more...

pool_playa 9 years ago

On one hand we care about human foetus so much and on the other hand we are so nonchalant about other living creatures. A wild animal hunts and kills only when hungry but we do it for fun and call it a sport.

KU_cynic 9 years ago

Perhaps it was a mass suicide by a gaggle of geese in some kind of messianic cult?

KU_cynic 9 years ago

And now there's a gaggle of angel geese joyfully pooping on a golf course in goose heaven.

frowniebrown 9 years ago

:( Oh no! I live on Winterbrook Drive and I saw a big flock flying over the creek. My doggies thought that was pretty exciting :( I hope that wasn't them.

frowniebrown 9 years ago

Oh nevermind different flock. Should have watched the video before I commented. whoops!

manus_flexibilis 9 years ago

Does this have anything to do with the SLT and the stimulus? Weak!

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