Driver clear of criminal charges

By Mark Boyle · November 14, 2008 · Comment on this

Prosecutors say charges will not be filed against a driver who hit and killed a sheriff's deputy on his bike.

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OttawaTECH 9 years ago

Does this mean that bicycle riders that move out to the center yellow line are now legally open game?

John Hamm 9 years ago

So should Branson's Law License!Time to get a DA that can prosecute.

Shardwurm 9 years ago

I think living with this the rest of his life will be adequate punishment. This youngster made a mistake not of malice but of neglect. If all such youngters were thrown in jail we wouldn't have many on the street.I'm sorry for both families...this is tough.

FMT6488 9 years ago

awdvkd - So. . . Just because I feel really bad about accidentally killing someone while I wasn't really paying attention to the potentially deadly equipment I was operating at the time means I get off with nothing more than bad memories and a guilty conscience?? It's sure is a good thing that the rest of the nation doesn't have such IDIOTS in the DA's office - otherwise there could be a serious rash of accidental deaths everywhere! I wonder... If he had been using a gun(instead of a vehicle) at the time, would he have been prosecuted? (Ooops! I forgot - we already did that one! It's now called the "Chaney is a dick" accident.)

Jd Finch 9 years ago

Ridiculous. How is being distracted by your radio for sufficient time to strike and kill a cyclist any less responsible than drinking and driving? The notion that irresponsible driving is only that which involves drugs or alcohol belies the number of "accidents" that take place because of gross negligence by inattentive drivers. I'm sure the driver feels terrible, but he and other "distracted" drivers are still a menace to the everyone else on the road. At a minimum, the driver should have his license revoked permanently.

Al Deathe 9 years ago

No, it means there accidents and there are criminal acts. How many times a day do you look somewhere else than straight out the windshield, be honest! If all fatal accidents were criminal acts the courts would be a very busy place. I am not looking for a debate here, I am just stating how I feel about losing a very good friend and coworker. I also know the family and the young adult that were involved, this was a tragedy and I feel for everyone involved. I also have faith that if this case had any reason to be prosecuted Branson would have done so.

Al Deathe 9 years ago

I knew both these people, the bottom line in this situation is that a young person made a very poor decision to not give his full time and attention to his driving. Dave happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just wish that people could realize that if you don't give your full attention to driving a vehicle the same thing could happen to them. I know Dave paid the price but don't think the young person won't pay his own price, he has to live with this for the rest of his life. The young person is a fine up standing young adult. Dave spent most of his career helping the less fortunate, he was all about second chances and forgiveness.

sks6cf 9 years ago

I thought the driver was texting...

atemple14 9 years ago

Okay...I know it was an accident...but to get away with no punishment besides a guilty conscience? How are you so distracted by your radio to not see the biker ahead of time? If I hit and killed someone I would expect a punishment...I don't care how good of a person you are if your being that irresponsible you deserve a little punishment.

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