KTKA video overnight as a tornado moved into Manhattan

June 12, 2008 · Comment on this

KTKA was on the air when a tornado moved into Manhattan, damaging several buildings including the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house and the building that houses Kansas State's nuclear reactor. The reactor is not in any danger.

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KansasPerson 10 years ago

How thankful I am that Boys' State was last week and not this week.

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

The humor was not directed towards anything tornado or death related, just that KSU students were in charge of a nuclear reactor and the description of a wind erosion building, but clearly you are open to interpreting them however you want.VOTE McCain!

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

wellduh, I guess jumping to conclusions like that just exposes KSU sports fan's insecurities in their sports programs......ahhh $hit, now I did make it about sports.

dtaylor 10 years ago

Go easy on them jessa. They can't help that they are silly little boys! Probably high school seniors or freshmen. Or at least I hope they are. Gawd, what if they are just lame adults who can't break away from thinking like high school boys? Yikes!

Kristen Murphy 10 years ago

As a K-State fan (um obviously) I do find the Erosion Lab joke funny. I mean - it is sort of ironic...However I do pray for everyone there. I have many friends that still live in Manhattan. Thankfully they weren't hurt, but it's still scary business considering the tornado basically split the campus in half.

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

Well seeing that the "article" is exactly two sentences I can see the attraction for all KSU fans!-BAN.

jessa 10 years ago

FloydianTrip - There is an article -- http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/jun... -- that I did read, which has the video on the same page that I linked to and then read the comments on. Seriously, if all you can say in response is the fact that I and the other person mentioned the "article," then let it go. You have no point... and you missed mine.

jessa 10 years ago

I can handle "subversive humor" when there is humor present. I see nothing humorous, though, about making fun of K-State's programs and people when a tornado just hit the campus and city, causing a lot of damage that will cost the state millions of dollars and leaving a trail that killed two people and destroyed many homes and businesses. But, you did have one good suggestion -- to stay off the boards when people like you make comments like that. I guess I'm not ignorant enough to be on your level... thanks for reminding me of my superiority to disgraceful KU fans.

clw7777 10 years ago

I wonder if this'll be a topic in the Natural Disasters class... If anyone has ever taken that class it might liven it up a bit, or at least make it hit a little closer to home.

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

Wow, wellduh's posts get deleted awfully fast...is there a guy who sits in a dark room and responds to the suggested deletions? And if so, how can I get this job...sounds soooooooooooooooooooo exciting.

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

That's three powerful storms in 10 days rolling through Manhattan. Those poor folks have put up with a lot of $hit lately.

Linda Aikins 10 years ago

Jessa, please don't lump us. I am an avid KU fan and I object to being called disgraceful. I feel very sad for everyone involved in this storm, and especially for those who lost their lives. I make fun of KSU like the others, but would never never never wish this on any of them.If these boards offend you, please avoid them. This article and this weather is not about you.

AnglNSpurs 10 years ago

Here are some up close pics of the storms damage on the KSU Campus. This is along Claflin RD that runs along the north part of campus were a majority of your college of agriculture building are. Glad to see everyone is okay... http://www.kansas4-h.org/K-StateTornado/index.htm

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

So does KU.Oooo with all those convicted felons w/lawnmowers on campus?Scaryscary.

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

Other than the moniker KUHoops, who said a single thing about sports? Way to jump to conclusions, you should make a mat. I think it was more of a statement of the idiocy of the majority of people that go to KSU. If you can't handle subversive humor than I suggest you stay off the interwebs.

jessa 10 years ago

Gootsie -- I was not "lumping" anyone together, but pointing out that I dislike the "disgraceful KU fans," not all KU fans. I know there are good KU and Lawrence people, just as there are bad ones; same goes for Manhattan and K-State fans. But, I do want to let you know that this article and this weather IS about me, seeing as Manhattan is my home and I have friends who were in the direct path of the storms and family who were on campus, so I did want to read the article and view the comments, Unfortunately, a few posts made me a bit upset, as I do not think it is proper to joke about such an event just because he/she doesn't like the school. It is THOSE fans who I find disgraceful... sorry if I offended you, but it was directed towards those that made the stupid comments.

ontheotherhand 10 years ago

Uh, sorry posters, not everything has to do with sports. I am assuming you are making immature comments about KSU because you can't see the difference between sports (go team!) and academic institutions. The thoughts of any of YOU being near a nuclear reactor (or even a butter knife!) is scary!!!

jessa 10 years ago

Wellduh and KUHOOPS -- I hope you know that all you are doing is showing your ignorance and your despicable attitudes by making your "joking" comments at this time. No matter how much you don't like K-State (because of hoops!? seriously!!!), with what happened to the campus and to the cities of Manhattan and Chapman because of this tornado, your comments are just shameful. Way to make me hate people like you from KU more...

Kent Fisher 10 years ago

wellduh, I agree. the Wildcats in charge of a nuclear reactor???...scary!!!

grilled_cheese 10 years ago

Tornado didn't hit the nuclear reactor but it did damage the Wind Erosion Lab. Ironic...

FloydianTrip 10 years ago

Speaking of praying...Tornados:God's Wrath;Natural Selection; orBoth.Discuss...

mom_of_three 10 years ago

Why are people reading comments and then complain about them? You know there are going to be stupid comments. just ignore 'em. but the irony of the wind erosion lab was not lost.

Linda Aikins 10 years ago

floydian, behave yourself now.The Manhattan paper and the Wichita paper have great articles on the storm and damage. Coverage here will be skimpy at best. Perhaps you ought to follow those and you will learn more! Plus you can avoid the disgraceful ones here and post with people who will be more sympathetic. All that will happen here is that the postings will become about KU-KSU fans and not about weather and property and life loss, where the focus should be.

janeyb 10 years ago

KU hasn't had a nuclear reactor since the 1980's. The University of Missouri and the University of Missouri-Rolla have reactors though.

bugmenot 10 years ago

Can you see the tornado at any point in this footage? I see what looks like a wall cloud, but I'm not sure I ever see the funnel.Time to put the sports rivalry aside. It's awful for the whole state that this happened. .

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