Boyda seeking public input on energy, economic issues

August 19, 2008 · Comment on this

A compromise could be on the way for opening up more off-shore oil drilling.

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Mike Ford 9 years, 10 months ago

I can't believe that there are people who are dumb enough to believe that opening ANWR and off-shore drilling willhelp any time soon. I've known since college science classes six years ago that there was a 3 to 5 year supplyof oil at most in ANWR and it would take 10 years to get this oil. Then again, H. L Mencken said, "Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people".These Dumblicans are simply pandering to those peoplewho are too stupid to drive slower or do anything elseto conserve a non-renewable commodity in fossil fueloil. Being conservative has to do with preserving what ishere, not voting for a do-nothing bunch of caucasianswho are pandering to an uneducated electorate.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

"Being conservative has to do with preserving what ishere, not voting for a do-nothing bunch of caucasianswho are pandering to an uneducated electorate."Racist anti white sentiment.That is the way to argue.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

"I can't believe that there are people who are dumb enough to believe that opening ANWR and off-shore drilling will help any time soon."I can't believe that there are people that are to dumb to understand that drilling now is necessary, anywhere we can. We have a U. S. fleet of 250,000,000 cars and trucks that run on petrol, and that will not change tomorrow or the next ten years, so we are stuck with a fleet that runs on gas.I cannot believe that there are people dumb enough to buy the Democrats line that Republicans only want to drill. The Republican solution is to use EVERYTHING to develope energy resources.The current leader in Energy Policy in the United States House of Representatives is Dr. Micheal Burgess, and he "is" in fact leading everybody.He has an energy plan that is comprehensive that includes** drilling in these areas as well as the additional** plan of wind, solar, coal gasification, nuclear power generation, shale oils, cellulosis ethanol (as opposed to food depriving corn ethanol, a purley political subsidy from bothe the R's and D's)...and this guy is a Republican.So get off those DailyKos MoveOn and MediaMatters websites, because you are obviously mistaken and misinformed.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

"Demand around the world is going to increase faster then drilling in ANWR or the off shore will make up. The lesson is simple if we weren't so hard headed."That iw exactly why we need to develope our own energy resources, all of them, and 80% of the people in the United States understands that. It is just the rabid fools like you that do not understand we are not going to have an "oil less society" anytime soon. Look at all the plastic crap made out of oil. Do you think that is going to stop overnight? Do you want to use glass for containers, and then deal with the increased fuel prices to ship beverages, juices, and water with the majority of the wieight being the glass container?Your mantra of :no oil" is so yesterday and a bunch of hippie crystal gripping nonsense. it simple is not smart, and is not going to happen soon. The drilling wil work, and just removing the executive order banning offshore drillig has reducer the price by 25 %. There was a cutbackk already of 4% in our uses of fuel. There is not a whole lot more to cut with the current aumotive fleet in the United States.Ignoring those facts is what makes your position indefensible, and not the best for our contry.And you are in the minoirty, only 20% of your fellow countrymen at best agree with your position.Will of the people, that is what runs this country, and if you say 80% of the people are stupid, I think you are the delusional one.

jafs 9 years, 10 months ago

In addition, our fuel efficiency standards haven't been changed in about 30 years, despite clear evidence that auto manufacturers can make much more efficient vehicles.If everyone drove smaller more efficient cars, that would cut down on our gas consumption.The simple fact is that oil is a "non-renewable" resource - that means there is a finite supply which cannot be replenished. If we continue to structure our lives/society in such a way as to be dependent on oil, we will run into a big problem sooner or later.As far as plastics go, we should be cutting down on unnecessary packaging, and using more recycled plastic, which should help as well.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

OK Jack, if demand is the issue, we are going to have to limit population grownt, right?That woudl start with stopping illegal immigration then limiting legal immigration.Demand! There will be 150,000,000 more Americans in 30-50 years.Think about it.WE need al the energy we can get, regardles whether it comes form oil, soplar, wind, or coal."We really have to decide if it makes sense to continue deconstructing our local economies and buying everything from across the sea and living miles away from our places of work>"Unhm DUH Jack, that is what we are talking about, instead of importing 70% or our oil use, we replace some with our own resources, which is off shore, and in ANWR."It is doubtful that any lowering of the price of oil because we started drilling at home would be long lived as the demand continues to increase at a rate faster then we could produce."And "The consumption part is what really needs to change."Population, Jack, population. we have way too many people in the U. S. that should not be here, and there are limited resources. SO to "conserve" it would be good to send these scallywag illegal aliens home, and make the employers that hire thm go broke or work for a living.You are right we do have some hard questions,You can no longer support illelgal aliens and illegal entry to the U. S. and trump no drilling. That dog won't hunt, and the mathe don't add up.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

"If they drill for oil in ANWR and offshore it goes on the world market."*Wrong!!!That shows youjust how much you know. Domestic production on "public lands", which includes the offshore areas and the ANWR can only be sold on in the national market for domestic consumption.What you posted is not true, a fabrication, and the laws are pretty clear on this one.And Jafs, get off the "oil is the only thing", in energy. Yo are spinning like a top.All of the Republicans are stating drilling *and* development of all domestic produced energy.Your democratic spin, spin form DailyKos, MoveON, MediaMatters, and the Obamamania machine all fixating on oil alone is the reason that Obama is not blowing out McCain.The Democratic Plank of "opposing oil in totality" is a loser, and painting the smart "develop all domestic energy" as "drilling only" is a dishonest argument on your part and spin only.So sotp the mantra" We Can't drill our way out". No we can't, but we can't ignore drilling either. We cannot "wind power" our way out either, by itself, we cannot "solargenerate our way out" by itself, we cannot "use ethanol" by itself either,none of these "alternative energies" by itself will do it.It will take ALL of the "alternative energies", making then just "energy development and generation such as:Nuke Plants,Clean Coal PlnatsCoal GasificationDevelope total capacity in Solar (including Tax breaks for individuals on houses)Develop total Wind Generation Capacity (including tax breaks for the individuals on houses)Develope all biofuels with the exception of corn based ethanol. Food should be used for eating, not energy production. Corn based ethanol subsidies need to end now.Develop better batteries with extended life and lower weight for the retrofiting of short duration commutes (less than 100 mi round trip)Give tax breaks for retrofitting a gas burner car to electric when used for majority of commuting. (No tax break to sit in the garage.)That is an energy policy that benefits the Country, the Individual, and most of all the environment. I have been involved with all of these processess for over 15 years. That is comprehensive, but it will includeDrilling offshore and drilling ANWR, to get us to that goal,Heck even Paris Hilton understands.

ASBESTOS 9 years, 10 months ago

"Does Kansas have reverse metering at market rate that would help more people set up their own alternative energy systems or does it have to always be about the big corporations profits?"NO. That is the probelm. In Kansas you get 5.5 cents per kilowat hour produced, in Texas you get 2.3 cents. The Power companies pocket the rest, and Dems and Repubs both have been paid off by the power cos."Why, like our federal debt, do we keep putting off the inevitable?"Because the Democrats and Republicans play for power and it is a short term gain, and is screwing this country. This is not all Bush's fault, no matter how much you hate him. Al Gore was Veep, and Billie was in Office for eight years with a Democratic House and Senate, for 4 years. Al Gore is the biggest douch bag I have ever witnessed, and South Park tagged him right."I like your ideas on the alternatives but if we work to make oil cheap it will only delay us working on the alternatives."Oil isa NEVER going to be "Cheap" again. The next rollback in Price will occur when China removed the gas subsidy country wide in China. We will get a 15% roll back and gas will drop to $2.90 a gallon, and that is the last we will see than. It is $3.33 a gallon now in Dallas, Texas.That is as low as it will go.But people are pissed, and are on to the con artists. The Republican party members are on to their lying leaders politically. The Democratic party members are just starting to realize that thier brand is no different than Republicans.Look at Edwards, this guy was running for President. This is the level of liars we have. You see George and his lies, but not the dems.Both parties have left us at the side of the road, and it is all to clear,... except for the lying b**stards in office.

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