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Statehouse Live: Arts supporters urge Brownback to reverse defunding decision

Let's go over this again...artists rent space, buy supplies, hire help, pay taxes...yeah, real losers. If Gov. Sam REALLY wants to "pay the mortgage" he needs to end ALL farm and business subsidies, as that's not a function of the government either. Oh wait, those are his contributors!!! And quit hiring his high-priced lawyer friends to defend his Taliban-inspired laws.

Ancient Rome had amazing infrastructure, the Coliseum, enjoyed public killings as sport, ad nauseum. But you know the one thing it never had? Any type of great art beyond simple craftsmen and tradesmen?

The greedheads on these boards that trash the arts are simple-minded and mean, period.

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Authorities say driver in I-70 crash in Douglas County was driving faster than 80 mph

Good ol' Governor Sam in his infinite wisdom raised the limit to 75 to get more votes. Now we will ALL pay for the carnage with EMS and other costs. And amazingly, the dummies on this board admit to driving 80 while complaining about the "speeders"!! Really? Hey, let's all be responsible and drive 65 and save gas and lives. Oh, wait, this is America, the land of the free and home of the morons?!

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Committee quizzes SRS about funding for people with disabilities, faith-based initiatives

Why whine? Sam and the posse will continue to ride hard and plunder the state on his ideological crusade, hey wait, Quantrell is dead!!!

If everyone on this board that hates the Gov. would help to start a recall of Sam, we could really get something done.Read this;


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Planning commissioners recommend developer cut the artificial grass at new Lawrence apartment complex

Oh, the Green irony!!! It never has to be mowed(fuel burned in dirty lawnmowers), it never has to be sprayed for weeds or fertilized(chemicals into the water source)...yada, yada, yada....If this town is all about sustainability and '"being Green" this should be a no-brainer!!!

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What state do you think of when you think of cowboys?


As they saw about "W"in Texas; "All hat,no cattle"!

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Meetings scheduled to address closure of Lawrence's SRS office; Brownback administration remains mum

Yeah, because age and experience mean so little these days, right Sarah?

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Brownback draws fresh criticism for choice of appointment to state medical board

Has anyone noticed it always seems to be men deciding what women can or should do with their bodies? In a country where a fetus is a citizen, money is speech, and corporations are citizens, what could possibly go wrong?

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Planned Parenthood says it will receive abortion license, expects to withdraw federal lawsuit

Welcome to the "New America"...no birth control, no abortion, no pre-natal care, no Medicaid for new babies, no pre-school...But once the "precious life" is an adult, no legal advice, no jobs, no future, oh, wait, join the military to fight one of our crusades!!! But don't forget, this is "the greatest country in the world",just ask good ol' Governor Sam!!! Kansans need to wake up and "take back their state"!!!

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Speed, safety

If the governor and his GOP cohorts REALLY are concerned with costs, this is a true bonehead move!!! More speed means more crashes equals more cost for EMS, insurance, ad nauseum. How about we repeal this change, and enact the "Citizens Responsibility Act"...you know, if you drive too fast, drink and drive, text and drive, don't wear seatbelts, when you crash YOU pay. Not the insurance company, not Medicare or Medicaid, but YOU. Wow, what a great idea! I challenge the state Republicans to immediately enact this bill!!!

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Lawrence leaders want to crack down on ‘unscrupulous’ landlords

The city is on the right track here, and should but "teeth" into it's laws for sure!!! Perhaps a bigger issue it the way that landlords use the street as a "dump" anytime they have a tenant change. No matter what day of the week the trash is to be picked up, the owner cleans the house and puts ALL the junk and trash at the curbside. On my block, and MANY others, this stuff sits in the wind, rain, dog attack, trash-picking zone until the weekly pickup. The city needs to fine the owner for everyday the stuff sits. Lawrence prides itself on "being green" and yet our curbs look like 15th-century London!!! The commission needs to look at this problem, and other homeowners need to report these types of violations to the city.

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