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What is your all-time favorite toy?

My 1974 Sunshine Family Hippy dolls with the craft barn and fold down doll house. Hemp Rope FTW!

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November 1st is National Author's Day - Who is your favorite author?

Thanks to the following and in no particular order:
Ray Bradbury
Stephen King
J. K. Rowling
Dan Simmons
George R.R. Martin
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett

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What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Peanut Butter Taffy Nomnomnomnom 'em up!

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Who is the scariest monster?

cause "they all float down here Billy boy"

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What kind of board games does your family like to play?

Wonderful!! So does my family! We have gained a couple of expansions over the years but the game is still the best :)

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What are you going to miss about the summer of 2010?

Dejacrew, I felt the same way for my first girl as well as my last. I thought I was ready but had to return to work where I spent the day crying. The feelings didn't even go away for my last child so I took the entire day off work when she left for kindergarten. I felt robbed somehow. I didn't let on to my girls how I felt and encouraged their school activities to the fullest. Today, they both are well into their school years and both do very well. But every year, I see those little girls heading off with the plastic cartoon backpacks full of crayons.

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4-H members preparing for Douglas County Fair competition

I love walking the stalls of farm animals. My parents ran a 4-H club up in Iowa a long time ago. Sure brings back memories. :) All good. Have fun kids, these are the times that will lead to great memories.

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What is your favorite way to eat tomatoes?

Mayonnaise, Bread and sliced Tomatoes with a bit of fresh dill. My mom used to make these on Summer days back in the 70's. Not quite as good as when she made these for me, but they still do fine when the day is hot and the sprinklers is shusshing in the front yard.

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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Grand Daddy's for our family!

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What is your favorite thing about Kansas?

I like the hot winds of August that kicks the dust and tosses about the hair. It is the type of wind that you just know a storm is brewing to break the darned heat wave. It is the type of wind that bring promises of a cool fall around the corner. Wind...my favorite thing about Kansas.

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