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Fighting for Social Security benefits: Resident finds long, hard road to getting disability claim approved

Debbie was my gym teacher at woodlawn school years ago and was a awesome friend that took me in when I needed help. Congrats Deb you deserve and may god bless you

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Kansas lottery ticket brings in $100,000

It could not happen to a nicer guy I work with him congrats

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School district wants public comment during superintendent search

Randy sorry to see ya go you use to be my teacher years ago and now the superintendent maybe we could have vicky now that would be nice

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Former LHS teacher will be featured on CMT (The Morning Rush)

Mr Tenpenny congrats He was my sons teacher at LHS awesome teacher

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Wildcat yard art can't catch a break

That makes me sad why cant people just leave other people stuff alone.

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Woman tells of ordeal at preliminary hearing

geekin I know ashleys parents and they

didnot raise her like that it was the crowd she chose

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Women charged with kidnapping 5 people

oh give me a break mo_better shes a druggy

November 17, 2007 at 7:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Woman says she was kidnapped, beaten

Thanks beatrice, it was my friends daughter and they had it all wrong it was with a freakin hammer and they was more than a couple of people you people on here make me sick dont you have anything better to do

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