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'No Tyson in Tongie' effort adding supporters by the hundreds

The questions about potential wages, tax abatements and environmental impacts are incredibly important. But for a reason I have not yet seen raised.

How is it possible to sell a whole animal for under $10? A quick search indicated that 99c per pound is a 'fair' market value for Tyson whole chickens. Most chickens weigh less than 10 pounds. So how is it possible to hatch, feed, shelter, transport, slaughter, process, package, transport, stock and then sell a whole animal for under $10? The answer seems clear; pass the cost of infrastructure to the community, pass the cost of environmental damage to the state and pass the cost of poor labor practices to the workforce.

This is a pitiful reach for a 'win' from an ineffectual administration. Mr. Brownback is so hungry for a win he is willing to create a future superfund site to tout the creation of 1600 jobs. 1550 of which will be for poverty wages in a cruel, under regulated working environment. We can do better, and deserve to.

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Kansas lawmakers hope to send school funding bill to Brownback by Thursday

The problem, from my perspective Mr. Trabert, is that all of KPI's proposals seem to work something like this:

KPI: Don't fear noble citizens of Kansas, we have a solution! We can fix every problem in the State if on the count of three everyone holds their breath for thirty minutes.

Johnny Q Publicshool: But mister, I cannot hold my breath for thirty minutes.

KPI: Don't worry about that Johnny. We have got you covered. Once you start holding your breath we'll dunk you into this big pool and hold you down to your commitment.

Johnny: But mister, won't that drown me?

KPI: Only if you try to breathe before the half hour is up.

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GOP criticism leads House leader to drop Kansas school funding plan

"Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has said it may order public schools to close after July 1, the start of the next fiscal year, if lawmakers do not correct the equity problems that the court found in the current funding system."

I do not believe the magnitude of the above paragraph is getting proper attention. In most communities in Kansas the local school district is one of the top employers. I am aware that this is what makes this funding issue so juicy for conservative minded individuals.

However, how does brinksmanship that would undoubtedly lead to real hardship for every Kansan conform to a conservative standard. Not only are USDs some of our largest employers, they are also consumers. The impacts on businesses in communities suddenly choked of a major economic engine could well be irreversible.

In 2016 it is a shameful prospect to close the public education system, but at some point, 6 or 9 months down the road it is likely the schools will reopen, hobbled, but opened. There is no promise that individuals, businesses or their communities would fare the same.

This potential outcome needs more coverage.

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

I can see your user name must be sarcastic. A wise person once said: The difference between an optimist and a pessimist? A pessimist sees the challenge in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every challenge. It seems to me your views represent ingrained pessimism.

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KU faculty, students taking part in research involving Higgs boson at CERN laboratory in Switzerland

It sounds like you are having problems at the patent office. The problem is... Imbittered rhetoric doesn't fix problems, it just makes noisy problems. Every one has problems, the world needs solutions. If you got them share'em, this probably isn't the place. But you know what, they got elections all the time

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KU faculty, students taking part in research involving Higgs boson at CERN laboratory in Switzerland

When they say the detector works like a digital camera capturing 75 megapixle data a BILLION times per second are they referring to the amount of data captured? What type of device would have to be created to reliably "shutter" a billion times per second?

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Westar ratepayers oppose proposed $91 million increase

Too bad we don't have cooperative utilities, we could have a comment and a vote.

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ deal for Mass. location falls through; Berry Plastics project delayed but still moving forward; a new fee for city sidewalks?; artificial turf turned down

I believe that Ms. Klingenberg's idea would carry more support if the fee was dedicated to a fund that provided low or zero percent financing to home owners with derelict sidewalks in order to make needed repairs. The city should not assume the responsibility of the home owner, but they should consider supporting efforts to improve the quality of a community experience. There is no reason that the fee would need to be permanent either, a baseline of funding could be created and once that trust fund was created it "could" be self supporting.

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U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins says political discourse in Congress reflects attitudes throughout the country

Your example only holds water if the proposed business is unique or innovative. If it is not then it simply has been given a gift at the expense of current business. Total demand is a real thing, re-allocating sales from one location to another may be in the interest of the business owner but not of John Q. Public, it is therefore not a certain win/win. After all, the vast majority of concern is not in supply, but in demand. The erosion of the middle class ensured that.

Now, if the proposed business is creating something, anything of value, the equation improves. But somehow I doubt you were referring to manufacturing. Development for the sake of development is wrong. Growth for the sake of growth... is the business model of cancer.

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