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Letter to the editor: A better strategy

I would hope that with "40 years as a community professional," you would have come across the fact that sales taxes are one of the most regressive methods of taxation on the books. Increasing the sales tax by 0.50% places an undue burden on the segment of society that can afford it the least -- especially in a state like Kansas that chooses to tax food items in grocery stores.

No, Proposition 1 is not "the solution." Defeat it soundly, and send a message to the County Commission that they've failed on two counts:

1) Coupling mental health and jail expansion into the same ballot question; and
2) Attempting to pay for it with a regressive tax that never goes away.

The County Commission has done a great disservice to the residents of Douglas County, and they need their pet proposition shot down.

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Restaurant featuring chili and tamale pie set to open in downtown Lawrence

Actually, to be authentic Colorado green chili, it should use Pueblo green chiles. They're native to Colorado, while Hatch are all about New Mexico. Both good, but as a Colorado native, I wouldn't use anything but Pueblos...

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A look at how high Lawrence's sales tax rate would be if voters approve increase for jail, mental health

Sales taxes are the most regressive taxes in our economy -- especially in Kansas. We already have the inexcusable sales tax on food items. Now the Douglas County Commissioners, in their collective lack of wisdom, propose to raise taxes that have an adverse impact on the most vulnerable in our county -- low-income taxpayers.

Finally... Francis... fine job hurling statistics, but what was your actual point? And "let's think about the quality of life in Lawrence compared to these other 5 cities." Okay. Again, WTF is your point?

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A sign the flu is about to descend upon city; something called an EBUS coming to town; 23rd Street retailer set to close

Merry Christmas, Chad. Thanks for all you do to keep us updated on all-things-Lawrence.

May your holiday be filled with the traditional holiday staples that Lawrence is known for: chicken wings, chicken strips, chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches, popcorn chicken... I could go on, but you know...

And be sure to finish it all off with some green tea ice cream! Cheers...

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Common Core standards will soon be a thing of the past in Kansas

Well, Bob, your President seems to be very popular in the states with the most uneducated residents. Given that you're stuck here in the middle with us, might I suggest you try Mississippi or Alabama? Move on, and you'll be amongst your own people. Go on... and bless...

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

Not knowing how ancient you are, Francis (I could assume, but you know...), the world has changed since you were a teenager. Since then, we've had this thing called a "Civil Rights Movement" where we acknowledge that people of different races have equal rights. We've also had this gender thing... where people of different sexes have equal rights.

And... not to completely blow your mind... we have the whole LGBT thing... but I know you're still stuck in the racial, gender equality bubble. So, give yourself a few years to process that, come back, and we'll work with you on the rest... BLESS.

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

Oh dear... Bob found his way to thesaurus.com. I guess anyone can play at literacy these days, even trolls. He failed, but still, he tried. Someone, please give the troll a treat...

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

(Actually, he's an OSU fan, so with his three teeth, he probably opts for soft oatmeal.)

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

How so, Steve? Other than throwing "snowflakes" like you're the Christmas Fairy (hmm), you seem to lack substance in your comments.

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Let's get a roll of ice cream: New Thai ice cream shop set to open in downtown

LOL. Don't change a thing, Chad.

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