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For St. John students, it’s no mystery how Ash Wednesday ashes prepared

AreUNormal... any smart child, even if indoctrinated, will eventually come to his or her own conclusions regarding religion and spiritual beliefs. Some will stick to the beliefs of their parents... some won't.

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Polite pups: Obedience class helps tame chaotic canines

I know this is a story about dogs, but there's a lost cat in Lawrence. A couple traveling from Atlanta lost her while staying at the Econolodge. Windy the cat was last spotted near Stone Creek.


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How do you think Danica Patrick will do in her NASCAR debut?

I think she's going to wreck!

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Should people be required to pay a fee to get married?

Forget paying to get married... how about people pay AND take parenting courses if they want to have kids!

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KU unveils first candidate for new Dean of Music position

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Health care reform rally set for downtown Lawrence

Healthcare_Moocher: Yes, the moochers would still bitch.

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Snow-removal citations

If any of these people subscribe to the LJWorld, they should cancel their subscription immediately. I'm with Marion on this one...

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Many older adults don't get enough protein; Lawrence nutritionist gives facts on how much is enough

0.8 to 1.0 grams per pound of bodyweight if you're serious about gaining lean muscle mass. Anything less and your body will be in negative nitrogen balance and go catabolic.

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Mangino, KU settle for $3 million


I couldn't help myself...

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City pans panhandling licenses

50YearResident... as a proud citizen of South Texas for 27 years... I can assure you that the thing that keeps the homeless out-of-towners from moving to South Texas is the fact that we won't let them. Our area city councils would eradicate the problem... and if they didn't, we'd remove the city council members and/or remove the homeless causing the problems.

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