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Wilt Chamberlain’s family protests movie

I've learned one thing though...when you are an Indie filmmaker, any publicity is probably good publicity.I wouldn't even know the film was being shot if not for this article.

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Wilt Chamberlain’s family protests movie

Certainly is an interesting legal argument. Once again going back to the age-old complaint of universities sort-of "owning" the rights to make money on players on the time they were there. The athletes have yet to figure out how to stop that as of yet unless I'm mistaken...so I'd imagine they will have trouble on this one too. However, the story used to be about how wilt ended segregation in Lawrence by the mere power of his wonderful presence. It will be interesting to see how they avoid that theme and still make a good movie. Anxious to see how it plays out

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Journey to the center of the ‘Earthwork’: Locally made feature film readies for national premiere

The Stan Herd I know, was on set every day consulting on everything from hats to story, to acting itself, and giving his full blessing and support the whole way. Great guy!!! And well deserved recognition. It's a wonderful film.

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