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GOP debate: Candidates hit hard at each other, Obama

All but one conservative posting here about a republican debate. Not very critical comments, only the expected bla bla bla.

IDEA.... LJworld should color code our user names red or blue. This will give readers an indication of where each commenter is coming from.

zbarf, rockchalk1977 = Red
All others = Blue

Then place a tilt gauge at the top to see if people are reading balanced comments.
Also, I would be interested in seeing the article writers political affiliation.

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The War on Women

This is one option but we are starting to see babies survive at 20 weeks. I think a better option would be the first brain activity or ability to feel pain.

My point is that this should be the debate. Not about womens rights as if we are talking about voting, equal pay, etc.

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Homosexual Marriage Is Absurd

My comment is more than just this one instance. Seems like the "This comment was removed by the site staff" would be tricky to administer based on political affiliation. What is offensive to me is not offensive to you and vice versa.

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The War on Women

Lots of smart people here but it blows my mind when a liberal well educated person says that the act of birth makes someone a live human being. Hello...21st century... we now can detect brain activity, pain reception, unique DNA, etc. As a civilized liberalized society, let’s pick a more accurate date of when life begins and start protecting that most defenseless little human.

Choice is a diversion.

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Homosexual Marriage Is Absurd

479 comments... yet only 50 hand picked comments show up (who is doing this censoring?). How about letting both sides talk and not just the politically correct minority of how people feel on this issue. I'd be interested in an unbiased poll on how people really feel about homosexuality. By censoring these comment boards you are injecting your political bias into the discussion and not allowing free and open discussion on issues.

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Armed robbery reported in the 1600 block of Indiana

Pace... big difference between a semi-automatic and automatic.

*semi-automatic is 1 trigger pull per shot and is used all the time for hunting. These are completely legal and should stay that way.

*automatic is a military style machine gun like a M-16 that continues to fire as you hold the trigger down... these are already illegal unless you have a special license.

Seems like there is always confusion on this point... do you agree

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More women start families with artificial insemination

me me me. My choice. i don't care what is best for the child. my choice

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Wetlands program inspires young artists, actors

I toss thy holy hand grenade of Antioch into the wetlands to kill the beast with HUGE fangs.

Silly...you bet

But no worse then the people who continue to pretend that the stinking bog south of town is some mythical land that needs to be protected from the evil people that want to make a road... so we can drive to work.

Get a life and If you need some issue to focus your energy on, why not protest the "No Left Turns" allowed in the construction on East 23rd St. Now that is a protest I would join in on.

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Sen. Brownback to hold discussion on commercial space flight

Wow...Brownback is trying to grow the aerospace industry in ks to build upon a great history of aerospace (if successful we would see job and economic growth), but the ridiculous libs above are bad mouthing him about this effort.

If it is not about easy social program handouts, these libs won't be satisfied because they are a bunch of lazy slobs that don't want to work and don't want to see economic growth for all people.

Get a job!

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De Soto school adds solar, wind power

bravo devo

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