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KU freshman Ben McLemore earns All-America honors

Really glad to see Jeff make it. Thanks Ben.

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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

Dome shooting can affect both teams. As a veteran, veteran fan, who is a veteran, I am not as olderan and wiseran than my next door neighbor who is a also a veterinarian, a veteran, veteran and a KS alum. I asked him if a Jayhawk could kill a wolverine in a fight? He said he hasn't vetted either one but rumor has it that all Jayhawk fans have big beaks. We are going fishing this weekend and he doesn't advocate shocking of fish but will be rooting for a vegetarian team from the state. Hopefully, we all make it until Monday.

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Opinion: Bracket picking for birds

And I thought Editors jobs were only because you have been around a long time. Inspired!

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Notebook: Bill Self says team 'fortunate' to have three-game NCAA win streak over UNC

Don't know why my avatar keeps switching from new to old. I know Jaybate didn't like the Koala. Just coincidence I suppose. We needed El Kabong and he came through in the second half on Sunday.

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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

Jeff showed great mental toughness against thuggishness. Will serve him well if he is in a leadership role later on.

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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

If his family can wait Ben would benefit from two more years but when you are young and passionate it changes things. What a benefit he was to us this year! Wish he and his family the best.

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Opinion: Naadir Tharpe takes Bill Self on wild ride ... to the Sweet 16

Looks better for next year.

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

Appears that the high seeds with a home type advantage are rolling today. It can continue tomorrow. MI ans MI St had home, Louisville has home and KU is home. Monster game maybe best of the tourney so far?

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

Poor block out execution. 17 turnovers and don't blame the WKU press. Could have been blown out except for Jeff. Hope that's out of our system. I'll let the super stat posters break it down better and we survived but NC will beat us by 30 if it happens again. Roy got his 700 and it would be sweet for Coach to get his 300th at Kansas Sunday.

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