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Lawrence police officer named in excessive force lawsuit no longer employed by the department

I completely agree. If the amount of pay determines whether someone will act in an ethical manner, then they are the wrong person for the job.

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Douglas County Commission looks to keep Wakarusa Drive extension on 'front burner'

Please make the Wakarusa intersection safer. Preferably some type of over-pass.
Our dear friend Hayley Berrios was killed on her bicycle crossing that intersection, her cross is still on that corner.
She had just been married three months earlier, and was on a ride with her new husband and friends. She was killed by an unobservant driver on K-!0.

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Do not purchase any Whirlpool appliances from them!

Actually, after purchasing a Refrigerator in 2009, a dishwasher in 2010, a washer and dryer in 2011. I believe that I am now done with Factory Direct.

When our dryer was only **2 years old** (last year) we had to have service on the unit because it died.. Rather than replacing the part that was needed, the "tech" just straightened out a wire, and charged us $120.00 (this is in a 2 year old $320.00 dryer).

Now, **1 year** later the same thing is happening again. Rather than paying Factory Direct $120.00 or more every year to service the unit they sold me. I will go to Home Depot (I hate to say it) and buy a dryer from them.

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

I actually recently went to a funeral where the brother of the deceased actually read a number of posts that were written on his dead brother's Facebook account at the funeral. So, it is always possible that friends or family may read these posts. It is usually good t oshow the same respect ot others that we would want shown to us.

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MU move

Just like Missouri to secede from the Big 12. I agree that any games should be played on campus.

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Are you in favor of relocating the Lawrence Community Shelter from downtown to property east of the city?

No, do not put the shelter on the edge of town where there is no easy transportation. All of the social services, food centers, jobs, etc... are in town. Are you trying to meet their needs or move them out?

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Westboro Baptist Church members agree to not protest slain Arizona child's funeral

Digital would only be right once a day, they have an AM / PM switch. I think this family is at best digital.

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Priorities for City spending?

I have questions about the city spending in Lawrence.Just a few years ago O'Connell (1600 Rd) was newly resurfaced. Who paid to have the road resurfaced, and who is paying for it to be torn up and now adding new circle drives to it?Did the city not plan ahead just a couple of years knowing that they would want a circle on 25th and O'Connell? They put a circle on 28th street when they resurfaced the road. If the city is paying for this "new" road work, I do not understand why. Parents in Lawrence have to send their children to school with supplies for the teachers to use because the schools do not have funding (from our taxes), yet we waste money to redo a street that was just built. I live in Prairie Park and use O'Connell every morning to drive to work in Kansas City, and have been inconvenienced multiple times for construction. We get less service, but more taxes. This should not happen.Why are the "city planners" not planning ahead for the future, and keep wasting money where it is not needed, yet we take money away from our schools. I am not a parent, but if I am going to be taxed based on what school district I live in send the taxes where they belong.

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