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Settlement reached in lawsuit filed after death of Jason Wren from alcohol poisoning at KU's SAE house

There are only two family members left bootlegger. The sister and mother committed suicide following Jason's death......the whole thing is SAD. Plus the money was going to charity.

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Hearing scheduled to hear arguments in lawsuit filed over death of SAE fraternity member at KU

BlackVelvet........so when a kid does stupid things....it's the parents fault??? Lack of parenting....??? Are you a parent? I'm not saying it was the fraternity's fault....do you see that in my post? You're right parents do stupid things too, but I was just saying it's a sad situation all around. But I know how it works at the Frat houses. Those boys have rush parties for Seniors in high school and supply alcohol to them.....

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Hearing scheduled to hear arguments in lawsuit filed over death of SAE fraternity member at KU

People are unbelievable with their comments. A kid died, his sister and his mom.....from this horrible tragedy. Kids are kids.......they are going to do stupid things. I love how everyone is critical of each side. I hope none of you would have to go thru something like this. It is a sad, sad story. I have a heavy heart for everyone involved.

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Self, who picked ’Cats, keeps busy in CBS studio

Bill looked good behind the CBS desk..........he just can't go there permanently for some time. We need you here Bill!! Good temp job though. :o)

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Obama signs landmark health care reform legislation

I have been in the medical field for 30 years. If you think that Obama's mom had a hard time fighting with insurance companies (which I would actually like to hear that whole story...was it experiential or what????) .......wait till you have to fight with the government to pay something. We used to call Medicaid and wait on the phone for hours. They wanted you to hang up so that they didn't have to pay. It will only get worse. The quality of doctors will go down and so will all health care. Be prepared to wait for appts, prescriptions, and surgeries. I did NOT want this healthcare reform.......but I got it CRAMMED down my throat. So much for working hard and trying to keep your head above water. I totally miss W!!!!!

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