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Lt. Gov. Colyer says Republicans may use budget reconciliation to overturn federal health care law

I know someone who is absolutely certain that there will be a revolt in America someday because those who work are getting tired of paying everything for those who do not work.

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Lt. Gov. Colyer says Republicans may use budget reconciliation to overturn federal health care law

So shall we borrow more money from China to pay for this? We could print more money and make what little money Americans have even more worthless...

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Critics blast Brownback for attending prayer day hosted by 'inhumane' anti-gay groups

Good Grief! I thought this was a free country. Can he not go where he wants on his vacation?

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Evolution evidence?

My goodness! Why all the anger? Can't people have differing opinions without getting hostile? We've all been listening to too much election debate!

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Obama dismisses Dobson criticism

I am glad Barack Obama made those remarks about James Dobson. It helps us all to see who Obama really is and what he really is about. It doesn't fool me.

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Saving on summer travel

Travel? What I don't understand is why so many people want to fly somewhere. At the airport there seems to never be enough people to wait on the hundreds of travelers. You can never find anyone to answer a question for you, they are all too busy. When you do get on an airplane, you are packed in like sardines. I took my grandson to the airport recently and when I helped this child check in I was told, "You are not even flying, get back and let the boy take care of this." The boy had no clue who to talk to or what to do. He was scared too death!I prefer to travel by car. You see beautiful countryside. If you see something you like you can stop and view it more closely. I am in the car with my best friend (yes, he is also my husband!). It is relaxing and enjoyable. I realize that this story wasn't about airplanes, but I just couldn't help but express feelings about air travel. Taking the train makes more sense as well. It's cheaper, you have plenty of room, they actually want your business and treat you with respect. They know the meaning of providing a service.

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