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Do you maintain a garden?

God forbid people have actual *hobbies*.

What are you, a Ferengi?

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Winter weather advisory for Douglas County expires; multiple injury accidents reported on area highways

...and how do you know the person who made that post doesn't have a Mercedes, Lexus, or other luxury sedan?

That "jealousy" card is a bit overplayed anyway, don't you think? I wouldn't drive an SUV (or a Lexus, Mercedes, etc either) if it was handed to me on a silver plate. With the drivers in this town, it'd just wind up getting hit by some irresponsible slob who doesn't have the decency to leave a note + insurance info.

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Outage leaves thousands without power

thank you! Thousands means at least 2000...

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KU's Turner Gill helps honor Character Counts award winners at New York School

It's awesome seeing him diving into the community in my opinion. Despite the football year he is involving himself and making himself a member of our community. That is more respectful to me than a winning season, as a resident.

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What is the worst part about being sick?

The financial loss of having to miss work (if no sick pay or it's already been used or not accrued enough) coupled with paying a doctor and a pharmacy.

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Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations

Pita Pit is a national chain, not really local.

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Oldest Haskell graduate returns

The things she has seen--I'd love to have a chat with her. People like her know what it's like to really live. Have to struggle, have to be strong, have to succeed, have to witness some of the worst and some of the best.

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Attack that knocked out teen’s teeth also shattered family’s sense of security

eleventh stephanie, where does it say he has no father? just because he isn't mentioned doesn't mean he's not there or not active in the child's life. i had both a mom and a dad and it was my *mom* who taught me self defense first (at 7). dad didn't chime in on that front until i was in my 20s. neither would have been effective in this situation anyway--especially not if any of them had any form of weaponry, from a gun down to a beer bottle.

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Study: Habitual parking violators downtown rack up thousands in unpaid fines

A few years ago I was a delivery driver at a downtown business, and I had to have my car nearby for my job. Because we left and came back so often, we didn't get as many tickets as we could have, but the boss (usually) paid our tickets out of the company till.

While that isn't likely to be commonplace at all similar businesses downtown, nor should it have to be, I wonder if perhaps the city could sell a couple spots by these select businesses at a yearly charge for this purpose. Otherwise, there isn't any reason the long-term meters or even Kentucky/Rhode Island/etc isn't good enough--I used to park in those places when I waitressed at a different establishment and was at work without leaving for longer hours, even in crappy weather, and it wasn't so bad.

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Tea party anger has racial tone

Did you read the entire article? He specifically mentions not all criticism is race based and gave examples (Will, Krauthammer) of valid criticisms in the press from other Conservatives.

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