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Lawrence 16-year-old ticketed for texting while driving before rollover accident

Jeez, I was 16 11 years ago, and to me back then $60 was a lot of money (and arguably still is), and my parents certainly would've made me pay for it--whether I had a job or not. That said, I'd still support something slightly stiffer punishment-wise, such as a suspension of her license and/or required driving classes.

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Priest fills church’s void after test of faith

I was thoroughly impressed with the EO Churches I've been to. My experiences at Orthodox Mass at various churches around the region has always been a pleasant one. The most approachable, kind and open-hearted congregations I have ever run across. Lots of converts, too, and that says quite a bit, since they aren't a prostelyzing Church the way many other branches of Christianity are.

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Bus system fan

I don't know when you last rode the T, but there are new buses on most routes now and also management changed a year ago, so calling in a complaint might be worthwhile.

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100 years ago: Lawrence dog recognizes master's voice on telephone

Wow. I want a dog like that!

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Fiery Kansas sunsets a true asset to state year-round

agree 100%. I've seen the sun set over the ocean and from a mountain view, but the best I've ever seen have always been in Kansas and Nebraska.

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Amarr Garage Doors lays off 19 employees in Lawrence, citing seasonal downturn

In a corporate environment, the management you directly deal with as an employee is only given so much say in conditions. At some places, such as where I work, the management can and does make a huge difference and is granted wiggle room. At other places, their hands are tied by so much corporate red tape, with such a long chain of command, they're usually walking a fine line in keeping their own jobs. It all depends on for whom you work.

Regarding Amarr specifically, were these people laid off hired on as temporary workers with the *possibility* of staying permanent, or were they workers who've put in significant time with the company?

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The Tipsy Taxi returns this New Year's Eve to give Lawrence residents a safe, free ride home

And for KU students who don't know, Saferide IS operating on New Year's Eve (but only New Year's Eve, as far as winter break goes).

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What is your favorite local pizza place?

Yeah, but we're in Kansas, we're used to people wondering where that is. I've met people in Nebraska who don't know where or what Lawrence is.

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What is your favorite local pizza place?

I think Mr. Brown here has become my favorite LJ world commenter.

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Food, housing rates at KU increase

college is probably the easiest way to go about it, but there are alternatives if one is willing and doesn't want to spend or doesn't have the money/credit to go.

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