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Former Dillons employee admits taking about $30,000 in 10 months

Does Dillons not check the registers at shift change? How could this go unnoticed for almost a year? Even if he were taking it from others' registers a good manager should notice a pattern of missing money on his shifts. I mean, really. First you notice a lot of short registers and then you start checking time sheets for who is consistently in the store when the cash goes missing. Either you have a cashier who needs a refresher in counting back change or you have a thief. It's not that hard.

...Or was a manager in on it? Were they splitting the money?

Because, seriously. Either the manager is an idiot or is lazy and doesn't check the books, or the manager was in on it.

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Does your doctor keep in touch with you through email or text messages?

I've Facebooked my OB questions and I sent her a text when I went into labor. What bugs me is when they call to confirm my appointment. Yeah, we set the appointment, it's on my calendar, I don't need a call to remind me and if I need to cancel I'll call. Stop calling me, oy!

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Topeka church planning to pray for 42 hours straight

This would be news-worthy if they were going to actually do something. 42 hours of non-stop volunteering or 42 hours of non-stop sewing blankets for charity or 42 hours of non-stop fundraising with 100% going to an organization that actually helps people. But no. Instead they're going to spend 42 hours talking to themselves and they'll end it with a satisfied pat on their backs.

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Occupy Lawrence protester arrested after Weaver's rooftop demonstration

I'm pretty sure the right to assemble does not include trespassing.

He's not a hero and the police were within their right and their duty to remove him.


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Are increased fines needed to slow down traffic along K-10?

I have no idea what the current fines are. Fines aren't what keep me from speeding. Not wanting to get in a wreck and kill someone is what keeps me from speeding.

Increasing fines seems like such a ridiculous and lazy way to attempt to save lives. It won't work. People are going to keep speeding. Unless you're going to have a cop sitting on the side at every mile to monitor the drivers, no one is going to suddenly be deterred from speeding by the threat of higher fines.

How about instead of sitting around and changing numbers on documents to reflect a higher monetary penalty for being caught speeding, you get some workers out there and ACTUALLY MAKE K-10 SAFER. DUH!

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How many trick-or-treaters visited your home on Halloween?

My parents had 428 this year.

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Have you purchased locally grown or produced food in the past week?

I ate at Feaster's Bistro today. It was delicious!

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Hiawatha man dies in accident on South Lawrence Trafficway, near Lecompton interchange of Kansas Turnpike

A barrier in the median would be nice to prevent cross-over collisions. There would be at least one five-year-old still alive today if we had a barrier.

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Where do you prefer to swim?

There are salt water pools in Lawrence

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