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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Maybe not a class, how about during an orientation for athletes or just a team meeting. Not because they don't know better but to make them aware that their status makes them a target for this type of stuff. Prepare them for the jersey chasers and what all comes along with being so sexually sought after.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

I'm not convinced that Sherron is a strong NBA prospect even in two years. He's great for college basketball, but pro? I hope so for his sake because 75 grand could be a big burden. On another note, there should be a required class for all athletes that teaches them the ways to avoid sexual harrasment type charges. Like when someone says "no", it's time to stop. It may sound silly, but this is a perfect example.Good thing for Collins that criminal charges were not filed, he could have easily had to register as a sex offender.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Why did the girl work in the towers if she didn't want to be rubbed on? When I went to KU, that's the only reason I went to the towers.

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What was your favorite children's book?

Mine when I was a child was The Very Hungry CaterpillarMy favorite to read the kids is Just in Case you Ever Wondered - Max Lucado

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Hearing for murder suspect delayed until Tuesday afternoon

Violent crime is going to happen in any town/city. I think it is wonderful that news of murder in Lawrence is still surprising and difficult to swallow because it shows how little it happens. Here in Topeka, it seems that the attitude is, "it's just another murder and it hasn't effected me..." I give much praise to the LPD. If this happened in Topeka, I highly doubt that there would be a suspect in custody. Good job!Deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased. May you find comfort through this difficult time.I say try the 16 year-old as a 16 year-old and actually try to "correct" him so that he may have a future. (Sometimes I am too optimistic).Most important thing to me which nobody has touched on is that things like this shows how life can be taken away so abruptly. Hold your loved ones close. Parents, it is your job to teach your children about CONSEQUENCES! Every decision we make has them, good and bad. Let's help them make the choices that lead to the best consequences. Best way is leading by example and starting very early in their lives, reward the good behavior and punish the bad. And pray.

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Clinton would help Obama ticket

What is the quickest way for Hillary to get in office as president? Become Obama's VP and boom, boom Obama is taken out and she has her oval office. I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories but my mom, of all people, mentioned this to me. I'm leaning towards Obama but if he picks Hillary I will have a VERY difficult time voting that way.

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Blacks live - and die - with police bias

I didn't realize the severity of racial profiling until the last few years and it is a real problem and extremely unfortunate. Most people who I know who are victims do just what Leanord Pitts talks about and that is live with it because they have been dealing with it their entire lives. What a shame.

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