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Report: Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana at NBA camp

The Capitol Journal reported that Michael Beasley was in the room too, but didn't get kicked out. What's up with that?

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20% of residents below poverty level

I know from experience that working a decent paying job (mid $30,000's) is no easier than working at Wal-mart while receiving free medical for the kids & food stamps. I'm glad to be off assistance but we definitely had more food in the house when I earned less money.

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What is a good way for children to work on their communication skills?

I think my kids communicate a little too well. My 3-year-old told me the other day that I was "pissing him off." Oops!

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Are prisons siphoning university funds?

What do you believe is the cause of this "warped and degenerate" culture?

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Share your memories of George Carlin

Near miss?

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Religious fervor surrounds gay marriage

anxiousatheist, thanks for your opinion :)

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Religious fervor surrounds gay marriage

My personal opinion: God loves everyone. God hates sin. We all sin. We can all repent from our sins and God will forgive us. If what they Bible says is true, which I believe it to be, then the sexual acts of homosexuality are a sin as are premarital sex, divorce, lies, unwholesome talk, murder, the list goes on and on. Now, if we follow God's word it is the Christian's duty to spread the word of God and the sacrifice of his son. This is not done by discriminating against homosexuals or anyone else. What makes their sins greater than our own? Although we may have an idea that the severity of sins can be measured, they can all be washed away in the eyes of the Lord in the same way... a sin is a sin is a sin. I suggest that Christian's quit acting hatefully towards any certain group and start showing your appreciation of what God has done in our lives through loving acts, praying and praising the Lord. That is much more effective in trying to win people to Christ.

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Muslim woman demands apology from Obama

Isn't this what you call a "Catch-22", D*mned if you do, d*mned if you don't.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Starbucks, sure a jersey chaser class. "And if you don't get rejected, you'll have great stories to share with the grandkids!"

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