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Minding the Middle

Thoughtful, but still misses the point that it is our responsibility to research, discriminate and then engage in the policy making process; only to that degree will the officials be accountable. Stop with the blame game. We get who we elect.

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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

another blog link :http://blog.republican-initiative.org/

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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

I attended this forum last night at City Hall expecting it to be slanted with soft lobs to the Democrats and body slam questions for the Republicans. I was pleasantly surprised by the obvious effort at equal handed treatment by those who organized and moderated it. Well done and thank you!
This report however falls short of characterizing the evening fairly. I would summarize the evening up differently:
The three Democrats running for the 2nd U.S. House District blame Republican “obstructionism” and evil corporations as the culprits causing all national havoc while promising to work together with those of different views if elected. I however found it very disingenuous that none of the panelists and few in the audience stayed to listen to “those of differing views” in the second half of the forum. Instead they stood in the lobby and talked loudly before exiting the building.

In sharp contrast to the Democrats, every one of the Republican candidates in their own way reiterated the fundamental platform premise that “we the people” are the government and that the elected bodies, whether federal, state or local are to be small enough to be responsive to us. This stark difference between the two parties should have been the primary distinction in the coverage (because it was very obvious to those of us who listened to the entirety) rather than to dissipate the debate into the particular weeds of one issue. I believe this will be the determining factor of this election--whether more government will entice the entitlement recipients to turn out in droves or whether the backbone of American enterprise can stand up again and throw this yoke of oppressive government off of the backs of our children and grandchildren.

Therefore, I encourage readers to visit 6lawrence.com/ for replay broadcasts and watch the coverage for yourself. Get the whole story.

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Creating a stir in 2012

Wading through the commentary is nearly as painful as the biased reporting, especially when there is REAL news worth reporting and this doesn't serve to inform. I particularly found it off-putting to follow the photo of Landon Fulmer and Rep. TerriLois Gregory on the front page to a unrelated old-news-rerun of an incident on the following page. More pertinent might be the current news, for instance the passage and signing of this new legislation; but the following press release has yet to be reported:

"Governor Signs Dinner Railcar License Bill

Topeka – On Friday, June 1, Governor Brownback had the ceremonial signing of Substitute HB 2689 that eliminates the discrimination against railway dining cars to operate in the same manner currently allowed to stationary restaurants. The bill passed the House with overwhelming support as originally presented 107-16, and the conference committee report was adopted 97-24 by the House and 40-0 by the Senate.

“The idea was originally requested by Midland Railway,” Representative Gregory said. An out of state company had contacted Midland to move their elegant dinner train business to Baldwin City, but were astounded to learn they could not serve a glass of wine with their 5 course dinner. The law corrects that oversight and allows dinner railway cars to obtain a liquor license. It includes “railway car” into the current definition of a drinking establishment.

“I am thrilled to help my district with Sub HB 2689 now signed into law,” said Representative TerriLois Gregory (R-Baldwin). “This legislation will help bring new business and jobs immediately to our local economy while boosting visitors at tourist destinations in Douglas and Franklin counties. It will be a wonderful use of the historic railroad and depot in Baldwin City - an important part of our history - while showing off some of the state’s other landmarks to potentially 10,000 annual visitors.”

The bill was introduced and carried by Representative Gregory. "

Sounds like a win for Douglas County. Why isn't that worth the ink and paper???

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Opponents ask city to dump, alter trash plan

A one-size fits-all mandate in trash service is the same song as Standard Based Testing, Health care mandates and every other way this government--local, state, nationally-- schemes to simplify the system by eliminating individual distinction and liberty of choice. Wrong directionally, wrong conceptually, wrong Constitutionally! But we have our Voices and we have our Votes.

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State senator says she caught Rep. TerriLois Gregory recording conversation

Finally some sense instead of drivel! it doesn't sound like the recorder was hiding if it could be seen. I guess it is hard to see earnestness when a mind is suspicious.

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Douglas County, Lawrence taxpayers get ‘unsung hero’ award for SRS action

SRS in Focus
I have decided that the best party in town is indeed KU College Republicans if you are looking for conservative-minded, politically savvy conversation and connection. That is why after years of looking I find myself with college kids on the KU campus on any given Tuesday night. This week Rob Siedlecki, Jr. Secretary of SRS spoke to a couple dozen of us about what brought him from Florida to be part of Brownback’s team in Kansas. It was entertaining, inspiring but also informative.
I for one wanted to hear for myself what progress his department has made in a year because as I suspected, I have read nothing of it in our local newspaper.
The decision to close the Lawrence SRS office however did get lots of press. What did not however was a comparison to the previous governor’s record and approach to the same issue: Sibelius closed 64 SRS offices statewide with no appeal option, while Siedlecki proposed closing 9 and opened the process to appeals. Lawrence was one of 5 that entered negotiations that satisfied the twin objective of the State budget and the local need for the Lawrence office. I am just saying, context is important and in this town you don’t always know it unless you search it out yourself.
Underreported also has been the success his department is having in the Anti-fraud Initiative. Within the first month, researchers found $2,000,000 paid out of our State treasury that will now stop because benefits to prisoners, dead people, and fleeing felons are being discovered and lead to apprehension. “These are all common sense changes that save Kansas money.” The money saved can go into other initiatives like the Adoption Initiative. “Over 900 Kansas kids are available for adoption, half of which have no family resources. “ Or, the Father Initiative, which effectively fosters responsible parenting between fathers and their children.
Siedlecki said that while Brownback’s vision is to return the private sector work force and keep Kansas competitive with tax rates, it is no doubt that his real passion is the family and children. That is why Siedlecki said he feels blessed to be on board making vital changes in policy and lives.
I heard and I report because Douglas County is one of two counties in Kansas that Brownback did not carry in the gubernatorial election of 2010. Consequently there is a vacuum of information when the findings are positive, presumably because of bias. But when bias against conservative Republicans is held sacrosanct over facts, it distorts reality and the public is not served. That has got to change if we want to tackle common problems. And I have never seen more in my lifetime.

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First Bell: ‘Informational discussions’ ahead for standards-based grading in Lawrence school district

I hope this proves to be OPEN and not another top down pedantic display of arrogance in the face of honest and valid concerns from this district's tax paying constituents. We will be watching.

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Thank You Baseball

"Or will they", indeed. Good question! I agree that things feel upside down and inside out and as I have been learning this has been the strategic intention of some while others of us have not been vigilant. The America that you knew still has roots. But we need a serious pruning. I think that starts on our knees with personal accountability. We find our way from there a day at a time. Thankfully some of those days are delightful reprieves with echos of what is right and good and beautiful, excellent, just and praiseworthy. . . on this gorgeous autumn day, I agree a 7 game World Series was among them.

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