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Kansas Senate committee votes to repeal renewable energy standards

Very sensible and market friendly. Thank you legislators!

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Common Core wrongly tied to data project

“Common Core wrongly tied to data project”

Really, Peter?

A question mark after this statement would at least indicate there is a discussion or a debate at hand. But when the media parrots the BOE system speak, not just subtlety dismissive but in blatant bold heading style, it is no wonder our citizens are so uninformed; at least those who limit their fact finding to a sadly inadequate perusal of local media.

I think our KU Poli-Sci intern did a more honest job of investigating after the issue failed to pass the Education Committee in the legislature.

Reposting from the grassroots truth of the matter, with nothing to gain but a better education for our children and grandchildren:

“Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Topeka today!!! We had an amazing turnout of people, and though our chance to speak seemed to be delayed as much as possible - we were there. And we will be back. It's often said that parents need to get more involved and participate, and those who hold elected positions really care about what the citizens have to say.... it sure didn't seem like that today.

 It was also a bit strange that those who were speaking in support of the State BOE and Common Core Standards didn't seem to stay long enough to listen to our thoughts... you know, the parents, grandparents and Kansans who had taken off from work, found babysitters, juggled schedules, and paid over $3.50/gallon to drive for several hundred miles. Nope. By the time the open forum was completed, the room looked quite a bit different and there wasn't a problem finding a place to sit. 

And isn't it strange that all this happened today? Maybe in response to our showing at last month's State BOE meeting - when we had 17 citizens speak in opposition of Common Core and only 1 person (from an educational group) spoke in favor of Common Core? And after the Senate recently passed a "pause" CC bill, and the House was also close to doing so before ending this legislative session? 

It's obvious that now is not the time to quit..” Kristen George

But for the 'open minded' who only read the NYT:

Otherwise--wise up.

Kansans Against Common Core

Truth in American Education for education information...

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Little Miss Perfect

Georgia Bree, we are so proud of you because you are you.

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County GOP under new leaders

He will.

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Editorial: Legislative courage

i like it! As long as you don't relinquish the courage of your convictions in the process.

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Who will win the race for Kansas state senate, 19th District?

Back to the basics! thank you Casey!

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Minding the Middle

Thoughtful, but still misses the point that it is our responsibility to research, discriminate and then engage in the policy making process; only to that degree will the officials be accountable. Stop with the blame game. We get who we elect.

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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

another blog link :

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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

I attended this forum last night at City Hall expecting it to be slanted with soft lobs to the Democrats and body slam questions for the Republicans. I was pleasantly surprised by the obvious effort at equal handed treatment by those who organized and moderated it. Well done and thank you!
This report however falls short of characterizing the evening fairly. I would summarize the evening up differently:
The three Democrats running for the 2nd U.S. House District blame Republican “obstructionism” and evil corporations as the culprits causing all national havoc while promising to work together with those of different views if elected. I however found it very disingenuous that none of the panelists and few in the audience stayed to listen to “those of differing views” in the second half of the forum. Instead they stood in the lobby and talked loudly before exiting the building.

In sharp contrast to the Democrats, every one of the Republican candidates in their own way reiterated the fundamental platform premise that “we the people” are the government and that the elected bodies, whether federal, state or local are to be small enough to be responsive to us. This stark difference between the two parties should have been the primary distinction in the coverage (because it was very obvious to those of us who listened to the entirety) rather than to dissipate the debate into the particular weeds of one issue. I believe this will be the determining factor of this election--whether more government will entice the entitlement recipients to turn out in droves or whether the backbone of American enterprise can stand up again and throw this yoke of oppressive government off of the backs of our children and grandchildren.

Therefore, I encourage readers to visit for replay broadcasts and watch the coverage for yourself. Get the whole story.

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