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Efforts to repeal Common Core gain steam in Kansas

Why do the standards boast "College and Career Readiness' if they are not achieving that?

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Efforts to repeal Common Core gain steam in Kansas

Any one who has researched the issue of Common Core will recognize the disconnection between the language of the proponents and reality of this federally mandated delivery of an education system. Rigor? A favorite word of theirs--but Brad N. can't have it both ways. He admits a college and career readiness of 8th grade level Algebra 1 and English 1 as sufficient. Not so says colleges in our area that insist on remediation for 60% of incoming freshmen. That means our tax dollars are NOT delivering and parents are paying TWICE for an education--once through taxes allocated annually and raised annually by threat of the BOE and Kansas Supreme Court--then again for the remedial/no credit courses through college tuition. When are parents going to hold these non-elected self-interested highly overpaid interlopers accountable? I challenge them to debate the facts of the matter in the light of day. Will parents show up this year? Will teachers go on record? Can we finally garner enough collective will to get what we need in Kansas? Parental say over their children's education. Choice in the matter wherever children and tax dollars are concerned. Get the facts this year!

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

Thank you Governor Brownback!

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

"The United States' government and its elected officials' first order of business is to secure the safety and welfare of its citizens." AGREED!

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Letter: School questions

Finally some truth surfaces in Lawrence!

For too long we have held anything to do with education as sacrosanct so much so that all discussions of funding have lacked common sense and scrutiny! Knowing of daily district waste and now this outrageous use of tax payer money, I charge each of the elected school board members to do their due diligence until those of us asking honest questions are satisfied.

Here's an idea--how about another "Courageous Conversation" for us--a debate between Rick Doll and Dave Trabert. They both have access to the same figures, so why is Trabert always maligned as a Koch spokesman? He has nothing to gain from telling the truth. Doll apparently has a lot to gain for his version. Doll's "grave concerns about the district’s ability to maintain high quality educational programs and services" has a hollow ring to my ears
Come on Lawrence--this isn't a partisan thing. We are all paying for the false narrative of the budget shortage. Especially our kids and grandkids.
The fact that it takes diligent citizens to do the research does not speak well of the elected officials nor the media.

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104 Republicans endorse Davis for governor

This is no surprise. As there is virtually not a Democrat party to survive the take over by the Socialists, Communists, Islamists, "Republicans" have moved to the left. That leaves the Republican Party to those who know the platform differences. A stark contrast. And we need one if America is to survive the most outrageous president to hold the office. The middle has moved to the left--anyone going that way will not have my vote.

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Kansas Senate committee votes to repeal renewable energy standards

Very sensible and market friendly. Thank you legislators!

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Common Core wrongly tied to data project

“Common Core wrongly tied to data project”

Really, Peter?

A question mark after this statement would at least indicate there is a discussion or a debate at hand. But when the media parrots the BOE system speak, not just subtlety dismissive but in blatant bold heading style, it is no wonder our citizens are so uninformed; at least those who limit their fact finding to a sadly inadequate perusal of local media.

I think our KU Poli-Sci intern did a more honest job of investigating after the issue failed to pass the Education Committee in the legislature.


Reposting from the grassroots truth of the matter, with nothing to gain but a better education for our children and grandchildren:

“Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Topeka today!!! We had an amazing turnout of people, and though our chance to speak seemed to be delayed as much as possible - we were there. And we will be back. It's often said that parents need to get more involved and participate, and those who hold elected positions really care about what the citizens have to say.... it sure didn't seem like that today.

 It was also a bit strange that those who were speaking in support of the State BOE and Common Core Standards didn't seem to stay long enough to listen to our thoughts... you know, the parents, grandparents and Kansans who had taken off from work, found babysitters, juggled schedules, and paid over $3.50/gallon to drive for several hundred miles. Nope. By the time the open forum was completed, the room looked quite a bit different and there wasn't a problem finding a place to sit. 

And isn't it strange that all this happened today? Maybe in response to our showing at last month's State BOE meeting - when we had 17 citizens speak in opposition of Common Core and only 1 person (from an educational group) spoke in favor of Common Core? And after the Senate recently passed a "pause" CC bill, and the House was also close to doing so before ending this legislative session? 

It's obvious that now is not the time to quit..” Kristen George

But for the 'open minded' who only read the NYT:


Otherwise--wise up.

Kansans Against Common Core

Truth in American Education for education information...

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