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School board discusses boundary change

they go to LHS

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Campaign Notebook: Roberts backs Moran

that should probably be breaking news.

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Temporary facilities to serve Lions for beginning of football season

I still think one centrally located facility (like the ODAC) would have been the way to go. Less money, and no private donors with large pockets favoring one school over the other. And what happens if , at some point on the future, the district adds a 3rd high school?

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Concern lacking

Maybe one of the "resources" the writer is referring to is access to affordable healthcare. And daycare, so they can work and provide for their children. And to those who are so fond of not having children that can't be provided for, remember, the organizations that provide sex education and family planning are the same ones vilified by the far right. You can't have it both ways.

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Jury selected in trial over bus fatality

I don't mean to seem insensitive, but why would anyone think it safe to stand on the roof of a moving vehicle? We have seat belt laws for a reason. The actions of these folks went way beyond common sense.

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Biologists track mountain lion in western Kansas

Maybe they can make a dent in the deer population. the deer are thick out in the county, it isn't unusual to see them at all hours of the day. And I think a mountain lion would much rather eat a deer than a horse.

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Trail Blazers fire GM Kevin Pritchard

I love it--that would be great

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Plant theft

It isn't an idiotic letter at all. What it boils down to is "don't take things that aren't yours".

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'Health care freedom amendment' fails in Kansas House

I do wonder about a few things. If someone chooses not to have health insurance, then why should a hospital be required to treat them? It isn't free, and as many have pointed out, health care isn't a right. And along the same line of reasoning, why should we all be required to have car insurance, or home owners insurance? Although the latter is so if the house burns down, the bank is covered.

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