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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

Milton's will truly be missed. It is a Lawrence staple and loved by many. Think what you will about the owners and the staff, but the truth is they care very deeply about the customers and the city of Lawrence. (At least the current staff). Many of them know almost every customer by first name and are always willing to make sure your breakfast experience is the very best. In a high volume restaurant it is hard not to feel rushed, in order to make the wait time as little as possible you must eat a little faster. The food was GREAT! I wouldn't wait an hour for a table if it wasn't. I am sure that "Loopy's" will be just as amazing with a little twist, the coffee will be the same, the staff will be the same warm and inviting staff you come to see every weekend and best of all they will now be open double the hours! What are you guys complaining for?! I will not be changing my breakfast spot, clearly these people know what there doing or else Milton's wouldn't have been as successful as they were right? (Anybody wishing ill thoughts on another person's business ventures is tacky and rude, you just look like a grump)

November 19, 2012 at 3:46 p.m. ( | suggest removal )