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Do you knit?

1029, sounds like for the safety of your household your wife should knit you a gun, too.

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City prepares to approve budget tonight, including $62 million worth of road and infrastructure projects

See Rock Chalk Park info in 2014 proposed budget on pages 114-117 at Estimated operations date in the document is June 1, 2014.

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Editorial: Not so convenient

As of August 1, State of Kansas will reinstate processing fees for online vehicle registration renewals. Just got my renewal with that info.

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Local health department receives $75,000 grant to increase access to healthy food

ontheright--this is a foundation grant, it is not funded with tax dollars.

Congrats to the health department!

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Letter: Police view's survey was NOT conducted using a statistically valid random sample. The results cited in this letter summarizes the opinions of 3% of this group's membership and thus cannot be construed to represent the opinions of the majority of the organization, much less a majority of law enforcement personnel in the US. This is an interesting read, but that is all that it is.

Copied from the website:
PoliceOne’s Gun Policy & Law Enforcement survey was conducted between March 4 and
March 13, 2013. More than 15,000 officers completed the survey, which was promoted
by PoliceOne exclusively to its 400,000 registered members, comprised of verified law
enforcement professionals. Only current, former or retired law enforcement personnel
were eligible to participate in the survey. The survey sample size was broadly distributed
by geography and rank in proportion to the U.S. law enforcement community at
large. Respondents comprised a variety of ranks from departments of all sizes, with the
majority representing departments of greater than 500 officers. Of those that took the
survey, 80 percent were current law enforcement officers and 20 percent were
former/retired law enforcement.

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Optional rider for abortion coverage not available in state employee health plan

Thanks, Marci, for shining the light on yet another example of what a disgusting low-life FlimFlamSam is!!!

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Basil Leaf Cafe signs deal to locate in former Joe's Bakery building by June or July

Great news about the restaurant, and thanks for the Jeopardy chuckles, Chad!

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Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

Just move to London already, Dolph. A win-win for everybody!

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Democrats criticize Brownback over comments made in national radio address

Davis said when he read the prepared text of Brownback's Saturday radio address, "I sort of had to wonder if Sam Brownback has his head in the clouds."

Head in the clouds???? You are TOO kind, Paul!!!

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

$1 per dumb idea would be way too much pay!!

Pepe--I don't have actual salary numbers at my fingertips, but legislative salaries and benefits are decent. Besides a salary, they get paid for expenses and are eligible for the state retirement plan and they can also use camapign funds to reimburse themselves for related legislative expenses.

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