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McDonald's throwing retirement party celebrating employee's more than 20 years of service

Teresa is my mother-in-law.

There is something to be learned here if you look a little deeper. In the Philippines she was unable to get a job - they had real unemployment there (not just preferring to be unemployed) - and to work at McDonnalds in the Philippines requires a college degree - no I'm not joking. She has real pride in her work for a reason.

To some here a job at McDonald's is demeaning, but that is only because we are presently quite spoiled as a culture. If people here were more traveled and understood economic history better, they might realize that in not too many years, once the money printing folly stops, a real job that produces real wealth, will again be something to be sought after and treasured - just as it has been for Teresa.

It is sad that her attitude, something that was once a common American trait, is now so unusual it is worth a newspaper story. Instead we have a culture that is increasingly focused on seeking unearned wealth.

Not everyone gets as nice and sweet a mother-in-law as I have had.. I consider myself quite lucky.

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Douglas County commissioners open budget hearings, discussion of 16.6 percent property tax increase

The reason they are short money, is the sweet deals developers get here - no special assessments. Corruption starts at home.

It seems the government ought to try what the families in Lawrence are doing to face the economic slow down - we trim our spending - postpone projects. The city of Lawrence might consider sharing our pain.

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Tough year

So why not just give the $300K per class to the teachers and let them contract their own facilities? Fire all the administrators.

When I was a boy there was a principal and 3 other administrators for 2,000 kids. Probably could get by for less with the assistance of todays computers.

The teachers need the ability to expel disruptive kids - going to school should be a privilege not a right.

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

Actually, up north they put plows on cement trucks to help when they get big snows like a 22" snow fall. If the weather pattern repeats it is possible to get several large snows in a row - right here in Kansas - to not be able to deal with a small 10" snow fall - not even the major roads is just stupid.

So they banked on global warming - idiots...

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

The misappropriation of money is just part of the lack of snow removal. The other is training. They send three trucks out as a team - as someone that grew up in Wisconsin, I know that is just stupid - the plows sit around waiting for he others to turn around. Team plowing makes sence on turnpikes and very major roads, but has no application is a small town like Lawrence. Wastes fuel besides.
They need to send who ever heads up the Lawrence plowing circus-act up to snow country - let them observe for a week to see how it is done.

They also need to figure out that you start plowing ASAP - plows easier and reduces the amount of salt used. Waiting for the main roads to get packed is just stupid.

Snow removal is an honest function of government unlike all the other weird revenue wasting programs of the City of Lawrence. Good thing there were no deaths due to delayed emergency vehicles.

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Apartments add challenges for transit route specialists

Are the Developers paying the real cost to the city? If not why not? Are there special assessments in place to recoup the cost to the city? If not - Why not? Sweet-heart developer deals often involve investment opportunities to friends and families of government officials - is the JW doing any research?Does this development really meet commercial building codes, or have arrangements been made to look the other way?When do we find out that the tax payers get stuck with yet more transportation costs that subsidize the developers?

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Westar bills set to increase

Doing the math that should have done:$22,000,000/675,000 is $32.59 - I'm assuming per year.That would be $2.71. month not $1.40/month.Was Scott Rothschild incapable of the math, relying on Westar, or did someone by him a lunch?

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New mayor urges fiscal restraint

The real question is with the citizens doing belt tightening will the city join us - or raise taxes? The economy will be off for a while; will the lower sales tax revenues be made up with less spending or will they raise rates? Property valuations will be down; will the city join us in our personal spending reduction or will they raise property taxes?

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Healthy eating is having a flashback

If you really want to filter out so of the miss information spewed by the press and our government , (and can understand a technical treatment of the subject), Check out the book by Gary Taubes :

Good Calories, Bad Calories

The 'low-fat' dietary mantra is not based on anything other than opinion and a cherry picked 7-country study that was worse that a correlative study - it was fraud.

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Fringe candidate?

Ron Paul is the >ONLY< Republican that has a chance in the general election.

But more importantly, he is what we need now - a sort of non Republican non Democrat that can help us get back on the path.

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