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Report: Science instruction disappearing in elementary school, but not science grades

IMO, sending your child to our public schools is a form of child abuse: They end up with the illusion of having an education. All part of the delusion the public is immersed in.

By grade 4, I realized that Lawrence students were 2 years behind children from public school in the Philippines - not rich families. Our children learn to simply give up, if the material is at all frustrating.

There was a comparison study between Japanese and American students - they were given an impossible math problems - the American kids gave up in 30 sec - the Japanese kids worked on it the whole hour.

Overcoming frustration is a key to success - American kids mostly say, "I don't get math" and don't even try. The key to learning is hard work - our new culture is now running from work - looking for a governmental Santa for hand outs. Of course it will end as it has before - our kids would know it if they had real history rather than propaganda.

It continues on to college - We have kids getting government subsidized tuition to take what I would call a recreational degrees that have no hope of gainful employment . Taxes collected on fast-food workers gets passed on to students getting useless degrees - all part of the delusion economy.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

Last year you switched from Sunflower - not Knology - and Knology is not at all like Sunflower - see my post below - worse than the worst ATT support horror story.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

BTW - ATT will open port 25 per customer request if you have a static IP - and now they are the cheaper deal...

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

I singed up with Sunflower because I was told they had better support than ATT's U-verse service. That is no longer true.

There was no notice letter - no email - no phone call warning that they were going to cut our service agreement back.

I've been on the phone from Monday on - I have had a static IP that we pay extra for and they still dropped port 25 (SMPT - what we use for email ) and refused to turn it back on - even temporarily while we sort it out. They finally said the only way they would turn it back on was for us to become a business customer. I had no choice but to agree to their shake-down - in spite of the fact that it doubles the cost.

Sad - but the story didn't stop there - it has been another day and it still isn't on even after agreeing to their shake-down. They have now blocked our email Mon - wed -- so far. I have logged hours and hours on the phone.

IMO Knology has ruined what was once a great company - Sunflower - I suggest that people don't confuse the two.

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Ban aimed at drug K2 extended by Drug Enforcement Administration

Yes - you have it right - the actions of government more often than not have great negative consequence that are larger than the good they 'hoped' to create. (Similar to the good intentions in military involvement in the middle east that have made the US population a target of terrorists) .

The first question is: where does the government get the right to tell an adult what they can put in their own bodies? The rights of government are delegated from the people - so do people have the right to force others not to do stupid things?

I think pot and cannabis analogs are stupid things to use - even a sneaky drug with long half live due to the solubility in the fats that much of the brain. (People think they are sober the next day, but reaction times and thinking is effected for several days). Long term use is correlated with psychotic breakdowns in later life and is a large problem in Australian where potent pot grows wild - available for the picking.

YET - if you want to consume pot and get stupid - I don't have the right to stop you - just don't ask me to support you due to your inability to create an income.

Freedom is a good thing.

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Putin’s hatred of U.S. poses challenge

Of course, the article misses the fact that the US IS trying to destroy Putin - so as to take advantage of Russian resources (not that Putin isn't a thug). The idiots in DC don't get the idea that if we try to manipulate other government, we are likely to anger them and the result is blow-back.

In fact, 911 IMO was blow-back for supporting the dictator king (another thug) of Saudi Arabia with arms and intelligence that he uses to suppress his opposition.

Both parties are involved in this corruption. There is an old saying: "Be nice to the people on the way up - they are the same people you will meet on the way down." Well the USA has/is not being as nice to other countries as the public is deluded to think.

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The Next President Will be Either Ron Paul or Barack Obama

The Republicans have just committed suicide - the news is no longer controlled by three networks.

Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Allegations of Rampant Election Fraud In Maine Caucus


She wants to hurt the Republicans - her only motive - so she tries to pass off RP doing something crooked getting his own delegates - he points out that Obama did the same thing...

She is a biased reporter (and does not want Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate - his poll numbers show he would likely defeat Obama) - but the story is interesting and has been blacked out by the mainstream press. the Republicans can not win without Ron Paul supporters. They just disenfranchised the libertarian wing.


The bad news is, this means the continued march into further socialism.

Looks like both parties no longer support being a nation of laws - our children will pay the price.


He polls better than Romney - and MUCH better that Santorum and Gingrich. Like I said, the Republicans are going to lose - the price of becoming socialist-lite.

- I think I might need to wash may hands after typing Republican... ( other than those 22 they are just as corrupt as the Democrats )

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Dow approaches 13,000, and maybe a record to come

Ron - you really believe those fake government inflation numbers?

I would go with the formula they used to use in 1980 :
http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_... (bottom graph)

Any way - gold 10 years ago was $300/oz the DOW was about 10000

Today the DOW is 13000 - a 30% gain

Gold is 1740 a 580% gain --- in dollars.

Other industrial metals have done almost as well - so we can assume that the dollar has is only worth 17% of what it would be if backed by gold. Gold is not in a bubble (yet) - less than 5% of the public owns any.

This means that someone with stocks invested in the DOW has lost about 4/5 of the value they had invested. Mostly retired people are the ones they rob when they print money. Nice people don't rob old folks - this is the fault of the demopublicans - they cooperated to commit this crime. .

The jump in the DOW is partly due to expectation of increased inflation (due to election year spending ) and partly the phony jobs numbers they just reported. ( Strange how payroll withholding goes down at the same time they claim employment went up <grin> )

Stocks and bonds are a fools game with the level of money printing going on -- much better to own real things - real-estate, precious metal, scrap metal etc..

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McDonald's throwing retirement party celebrating employee's more than 20 years of service

TheSychophant -

Under capitalism ( which BOTH parties abandoned over the last decade or so ), no one enters an exchange of labor for money unless both parties think they end up better off. It is only under socialism that people are coerced into such arrangements.

Your negative outlook is now the common zero-sum world view. Not to be able to see that there are other ways to get ahead other than taking unearned wealth from others must be a miserable life. I truly feel sorry for you.

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Birther debate has racist undercurrent

"Birther debate has racist undercurrent"

By not putting the issue to rest by releasing the long form seems to be a clever way of playing the race card - which is racist in itself.

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