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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

It says family is searching...are the police actively searching? I have reposted on facebook, I can't even imagine what this family is going through. Keeping you all in my thoughts for a safe return. I guess I dont understand why this does not met criteria of an amber alert. Are they suggestion she is a run away, or no foul play? I also qustion why this is not on the front page of LJWORLD, I had to scroll down to find it? To the family there is a fb page called seeking the lost....they're network of people are endless try that.

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Officers await results of autopsy from crash

We love you so so freaking much...missing you is like a kick in the face...Wish we had more answers, maybe we will get them maybe we won't...Love always Your kids and grandkids!

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Linwood man dies in car-motorcycle accident

After the passing of my father in law friday due to a motorcycle accident and laying him to rest yesterday I feel this families pain.....My heart is breaking all over...I will keep this family in my thoughts. I hope they are informed the right way vs. through the community. I feel the sadness all over again...something so tragic. :(

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Find Luke

i will repost this right now.thoughts are with your family

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Lawrence teen — missing since May 29 — found in Shawnee County

dont you mean but instead of by? just asking?

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Lawrence teen — missing since May 29 — found in Shawnee County

agree'd ppl stop judging eachother,and we do need more ppl in sw,so go get a degree,and do your part.or shut up.

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Lawrence teen — missing since May 29 — found in Shawnee County

maybe you should use your own advise and use spell check, i was only making the point that ppl should not judge,and it does not matter what you believe, we are all ppl here in this world and we need to get along.it is messing with the heads of our next generation.

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Lawrence teen — missing since May 29 — found in Shawnee County

i dont understand y ppl cant just be happy and not agrue religous belief if you believe you believe if you dont you dont and you should not push your beliefs onto others. i dont understand y ppl who know nothing of this family can sit here and say anything about their situation. i do not know them so therefore i willl not assuming anything,that is why we have child protective services to check these things out not the general population,and if you want to be so nosey and know these situations first hand go get a degree and get a sw job,this world needs more ppl who care and who dont pass judgement isnt that what your christ says anyways, some ppl would rather find someone to blame maybe he just wanted to get away from whatever for a minute what if things are bad what if he was not running from something or someone but to someone....you dont know and your not in the situation so shut up with your assuming it only makes an a** out of both parties.listen to your christ and dont judge......

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Friends help in search for runaway teenager

maybe places like underbridges that is an easy hiding place, i ran away for over a week once living under a bridge,stealing food.right in plain site for a week.hope he calls home.

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

wow i was wandering why the fathers side was never mentioned, and i thought some things did not sound right,never the less i hope that stevie finds his way to some trusted adult he is old enough to have his side heard by a court..stevie find someone you can trust to hear and listen to you, it sounds like there are alot of ppl that love you even though things are not that great right now,,i can totally understand,why a teen would feel like getting away.and my heart breaks,there is two sides to every story then somewhere in that is the trueth,everyone needs to united for stevie,put the crap aside and listen to you kid. he is saying something right now.with out even being there and he is still not heard.

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