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Legislature facing tough tax choices in 2013

Mr. Trabert, with the exception of Colorado, the states that you list are all in the bottom half of American states in human development. The concept of human development may be foreign to you, but you should at least know that it is a general measure of overall quality of life and living standards. The HDI of Kansas also ranks higher than every state you listed but Colorado. And yet you hold up these podunk states as models for a tax spending? As the old saying goes, in a race to the bottom, everyone is a loser.

Would you concede, then, that you are suggesting that we lower taxes in the interest of companies and corporations at the expensive of the living standards of average Kansans?

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Should the state put more limits on teachers' collective bargaining rights?

The proof is in the pudding, as the say. You can sit and argue ideology all day, but the countries with the highest performing students (Japan, Singapore, Finland, etc.) have teachers that are highly unionized.

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Trains, trolleys, trails among the projects city commissioners considering for grant funding

I've always thought a downtown tram would be great, though I don't think restoring one block on Indiana street would do much good.

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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

Thank you, Mike. I don't always agree with your stances, but you're definitely right on this. The location of this project is just odd.

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Large apartment complex surrounded by new nine-hole golf course proposed for northwest Lawrence

I'll reserve judgment until I see the site plan. If it's urban (or at least 'new urban'), adds density to the area, and integrates well with the surrounding community (not some one-road-in-and-out compound), then it's a great idea. If it's just some suburban abomination like a lot of what's going up in West Lawrence, it should be opposed at all levels.

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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-... - The views of Americans on this issue.

85% of Americans are against an 'anti-tax' pledge.

Americans favor raising taxes on the top 2% by a massive 65-31 margin.

Obama's approval rating hits its highest point in 3 years.

Yes, Republicans. Do it. 'Let Obama go over the fiscal cliff,' and we'll see who the American people blame.

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Opinion: GOP should let Obama go over cliff

The latest CBS poll indicates Americans are more likely to blame Republicans than Obama by a margin of 2-to-1 if the US goes over the 'fiscal cliff.' Gallup has Obama's approval rating at 54% while that of Congress is 18%.

The argument that Americans will blame Obama at this point is laughable, and it is being spread by the same people that said Romney had 'momentum' and that it would be a near electoral landslide for the Republican.

The implosion of the modern GOP and its transformation into a regional party has been a truly sad event, and it seems that Republican leaders are content to bring the United States down with their party.

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Brownback says little chance of funding increase to higher ed

No funding for the arts. Cuts in funding for historical sites. Large cuts in spending for public primary and secondary education. Stagnant (and possibly future cuts to) higher education spending.

But hey, at least those in the highest income bracket get to keep that 1.5% of their money.

Kansas -- on the fast track to the third world.

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