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The Real Sin of Sodom

The Bible says a lot of nonsensical things, and if you believe it as written one thing you'd have to accept is young earth creationism.

Aside from the literalism I find it interesting that you equate giving money to the government with giving money to poor people. Why the middle man, or rather, why the diversion? Remember the military, the $3000 Social Security checks, and the Medicare Ins. to the same people collecting the S.S. checks. Are these the poor? What about the people around the world living on a $1 per day. The US government does not help the poor.

Someone following this idea of helping the poor, based on the Bible, and not secular humanism, will run into the personal requirement to actually help the poor yourself not as a group requirement.

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Statehouse bully

The arts, schools and social services bullies should leave my taxes alone.

If YOU want to pay for the arts YOU should pay for the arts and leave me out of it. The people of Kansas have finally elected a few officials who, in a small way, want to stop using the power of the police and state to forcible extract money from some to give to other's pet art projects.

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Brownback hints at need for more KBA scrutiny; supporters say it's not needed

"...finding 301 payments without a contract, including 102 payments that violated the KBA’s policy. Those payments totaled more than $570,000."

Depending on if "those" payments were the 102 or the 301 the 570k figure could be even higher.

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'Robin Hood in reverse:' Brownback's plan would raise taxes paid by poorest Kansans

Nice to see so many, that you wouldn't think would, start to indicate that taxes are stealing. Before it was all calls for higher taxes from them, but maybe they just meant higher taxes for someone else.

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Brownback's arts funding plan criticized as too little

And I would criticize it as to much.

Matching funds are just federal tax dollars so it makes perfect sense for Kansas to reject them IF you oppose increased federal spending. Even though the federal government will likely just spend it elsewhere, but someone has to make the principled stand and reject this malinvestment.

If whichever art programs refer to were valued by the people then they would be able to sustain themselves without a central government authority providing tax funding.

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Brownback's arts funding plan criticized as too little

Oh don't worry that $622k will still be spent it just won't be spent of this issue. So if your only concern is whether the state or federal government will spend the money, they will.

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Does pay-go amendment hold water?

I guess there aren't any coffee makers or sinks anywhere in the building? They should have pulled both budget items.

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Brownback under fire at rally

Yeah, I'm sure 30 mins on a Saturday is to much for anybody.

We know where all the progressives leftists in Kansas were, protesting Browback at the capital, all 250 of them.

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Democrats in Legislature lambaste Brownback over jobs

There are Democrats in the Kansas legislature? Who knew.

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Brownback under fire at rally

More than 250 show up for local Tea Party rallies, over 1000 at the recent Salina Tea Party rally, and they don't usually talk about social issues they talk about spending, the debt, inflation, and taxes. Such as last year's sales tax increase.

Brownback clearly is supported strongly by rural Kansas and as a Governor is the best representation of rural Kansas values in over 30 years, and not just for his social issue stands.

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